Tyler Childers Love Songs

Tyler Childers is one of the most distinctive musicians of our time. He usually manages to combine country and folk genres with elements of modern music. The fact that he grew up in Kentucky makes him more familiar with the roots of this music. He has managed to reach many listeners with his album Purgatory. Just like Cody Johnson love songs, there are many love-themed songs in his albums. Here are some examples of some popular Tyler Childers love songs:

Feathered Indians

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Feathered Indians is one of the popular Tyler Childers songs. Feathered Indians is one of the most popular songs from the artist’s successful album Purgatory and has melancholic lyrics and atmosphere about love and losses. It is one of the first Tyler Childers love songs to come to mind.

Lady May

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In 2017, just like Feathered Indians, Lady May is one of the most prominent songs from the album Purgatory. It is a song where Tyler Childers’ tender vocals can be felt very well while listening to the song. In the lyrics, as in other country examples, an intense love theme is felt, therefore it should be remembered among Tyler Childers love songs.

All Your’N

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All Your’N is one of the most authentic Tyler Childers love songs. It is a hit that has been streamed more than a million times. Despite the catchy melodies and high-energy rhythm, it is also a romantic song about relationships. All your’N is among the most popular Tyler Childers romantic songs. Just like Zach Bryan love songs, it has a high dose of romanticism.

Shake the Frost

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Shake the Frost, a Tyler Childers song in the genre of reflective folk-infused country, was released in 2017. The poetic expressions and emotional atmosphere in the lyrics of the song make Shake the Frost one of Tyler Childers love songs. It can be said that Tyler Childers’ lyric writing skills are also emphasized in this song.

House Fire

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One of the most favorite songs from the Country Squire album is House Fire. The song, which features Tyler Childers’ superior songwriting skills, has a different atmosphere than other Tyler Childers love songs with its electrifying guitar riffs. It is an unforgettable song with a good combination of country and rock influences.

Honky Tonk Flame

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Honky Tonk Flame is one of the best examples of honky-tonk country, a special sub-genre and one of the most popular Tyler Childers love songs. With Tyler Childers’ vocal talent and high energy, the song takes you on a nostalgic journey.


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Purgatory delves into the struggles and internal conflicts faced by individuals seeking redemption and finding their place in the world. A good example of Tyler Childers’ musical style, Purgatory features a soulful acoustic guitar tune. It is one of the most memorable of Tyler Childers’ romantic songs.

Born Again

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Born Again is a typical country ballad with emotional lyrics and a moving story. Tyler Childers’ unique vocals will impress you while listening to the song. Born Again is one of the first to come to mind among Tyler Childers’ love songs.

Country Squire

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In 2019, Tyler Childers released Country Squire, a beloved album full of country songs. Country Squire, the title track of this album, is one of the songs where Tyler Childers makes a difference in lyrics and vocals. In this song, Tyler Childers tells the pressure of living in a small town and the love story of his youth. It is one of the most liked Tyler Childers love songs.

Her and the Banks

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Her and the Banks is a song by Tyler Childers with ironic and emotional lyrics. The song has a melancholic vibe with themes such as love and breakups. It is among the haunting Tyler Childers love songs.

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