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It is known that phrases such as death and bones are used more frequently, especially in heavy metal songs. However, songs with other genres and styles also use bones in different contexts. Here are some hilarious songs about bones that will make you want to protect your bones while listening to it:

Imagine Dragons – Bones

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The American alternative rock band Imagine Dragons has increased its popularity recently. The band has organized tours all over the world and is known to break listening records on digital music platforms. Their 2015 song Bones is among the first songs about bones that come to mind with its high-energy.

Alice In Chains – Them Bones

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Popular musician Alice In Chains is one of the highest quality rock bands formed in the US in the 90s. One of the most respected representatives of the heavy metal and grunge genres, Alice In Chains has released songs with harsh lyrics and high-energy vibes. One of these hit songs is Them Bones. Since 1992, it is remembered among the most popular songs about bones. The band has a tight fan base of their own. Them Bones is their also favorite song with a dark theme like death.

Young Guns – Bones

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The British rock band Young Guns released their song Bones in 2012. The lyrics of the song describe the struggles of the artist who wants to be a musician by using the word bone metaphorically. Bones has managed to become one of the unforgettable songs of the alternative rock genre and is one of the harshest songs with bones in the title.

Randy Travis – Diggin Up Bones

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The American singer released his classic song Diggin Up Bones in 1986. The song has a special place among the most popular country songs. Randy Travis describes the feelings of a broken relationship by using the word bones. This unforgettable country song is one of the oldest songs about bones.

Tiësto feat. Tegan And Sara – Feel It In My Bones

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Canadian duo Tegan and Sara produce songs in the indie pop genre. In their song Feel It In My Bones, released in 2009, Dutch DJ Tiësto accompanied them and the result was a fun song with a lot of energy. Feel It In My Bones, where intense emotions are presented with moving music, is a good example from the EDM genre among songs about bones.

The Killers – Flesh And Bone

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The Killers are a very successful and popular rock band that we see a lot on t-shirts. Many songs of the American band have been hits in their genre. Their 2012 song Flesh and Bone is a unique song in the alternative rock genre. The lyrics with the theme of fleeting nature of life will really impress you.

Ginny Blackmore – Bones

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The Tragically Hip – Little Bones

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One of the most iconic songs of the Canadian rock band The Tragically Hip is Little Bones. Released in 1991, the song is a good representative of the Canadian Rock genre. This song, which describes class conflicts with lyrics written with a political background, is one of the most outraged songs about bones.

Rush – Roll the Bones

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Green Day – Lazy Bones

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Green Day is one of the most popular bands of all time, producing songs in the genres of punk and rock, which gained a large fan base especially in the 2010s. The band has fans all over the world and their 2012 release Lazy Bones is one of the most widely popular songs about bones. Producing fun and high-energy songs, the band’s lyrics are sometimes filled with intense emotions.

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