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The concepts of ghost and ghosting are frequently used in songs. Supernatural events and paranormal phenomena are subjects that people are always curious about. Thus, they have been themes used in countless songs from different genres in different contexts. Here are the songs about ghosting that get you excited as soon as you listen to them:

Ella Henderson – Ghost

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Ghost by British singer Ella Henderson is an example of songs about ghosting that were released in the UK. A pop ballad, the song expresses the artist’s feelings about a former romantic relationship. In the song released in 2014, the artist parodies her partner as Ghost. The young singer, who is still in her twenties, also competed in the X Factor UK competition and finished in 6th place.

Some of her songs have had great success and despite her young age she continues to have a successful career. She has managed collaborations and projects with famous UK artists. The popular artist’s vocal talent is unique.

Rockwell – Somebody’s Watching Me

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Rockwell is the creator of hit songs in the rock and R&B genres. The successful artist was admired by all of America in the 80s. His 1984 song Somebody’s Watching Me can be counted among songs about the holy ghost because of its lyrics. You will have a lot of pleasure listening to Rockwell’s song about how he can never get rid of the feeling that someone is watching him.

Rockwell had a very musical circle of friends, including Michael Jackson. Even his uncle Robert Grody was a musician who was on the Billboard 100 in the 1950s. After this song of the successful artist, whose whole life revolved around music, you should also take a look at the other unique works he has released.

Stevie Wonder – Superstition

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American singer Stevie Wonder is a successful musician. The singer, who released works in the funk and soul genres, released his hit Superstition in 1972. Since the lyrics of the song refer to superstitions, it can be counted among songs about ghosts. He is one of the most popular singers in the American music industry.

With 22 Grammy Awards, Wonder is one of the most successful and talented artists of all time and has dozens of good songs like this song. The legendary artist has spent his life producing and has inspired hundreds of young artists. Stevi Wonder even has an Oscar for best soundtrack. it would be impossible not to mention the gifted maestro in this list.

Ray Parker Jr. – Ghostbusters

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The song of the same name from the soundtrack album of the popular movie Ghostbusters should definitely be remembered among songs about ghosting. The beloved song from this cult movie was created by Ray Parker Jr. While the song is closer to the pop genre, it also features guitar riffs and rock tones. The song about a group of ghostbusters trying to save the city is known by a lot of hearts by a generation in America.

Michael Jackson – Thriller

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One of the most famous and commercially successful pop artists of all time is Michael Jackson. The famous artist is listened to and recognized on 7 continents. His 1984 hit Thriller, released early in his career, is definitely one of the first songs about being ghosted to come to mind. The song successfully combined pop and rock genres. This unique song, which is among the top 100 most popular songs in music history, includes a supernatural theme.

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

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The British band Queen is one of the most beloved rock bands of all time. Thanks to their founder Freddie Mercury’s vocal techniques, unique style and expressions, Queen has influenced many thousands of people. Bohemian Rhapsody, a rock opera-like song by Queen, which has become an icon, is a turning point in the history of rock music. There are traces of different genres in it, from classical music to hard rock tones. Thanks to its lyrics and musical background, it is impossible not to remember it among songs about ghosting. Released in 1975, this song is still listened to by millions of people.

The Police – Every Breath You Take

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One of the old rock bands we see on t-shirts occasionally is The Police. The band, the creators of songs that made an impact in the UK and all over the world in the 80s, released their hit Every Breath You Take in 1983. This song is one of the earliest songs about ghost. In the lyrics of the song, a metaphorical expression is preferred by comparing the partner in a romantic relationship to a ghost. It is also one of the most widely listened rock songs of all time, Every Breath You Take.

Bon Jovi – Livin’ On A Prayer

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American rock band Bon Jovi is named after their founder Jon Bon Jovi. Their popular song Livin’ On a Prayer, which has been listened to millions of times on the internet, portrays a couple trying to end their relationship. This iconic song, whose lyrics everyone knows by heart, is one of the first songs about ghosting to come to mind. Bon Jovi is one of the most famous bands of the time, having performed live concerts almost all over the world.

The Psychedelic Furs – The Ghost in You

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One of the new wave rock bands of the 80s was The Psychedelic Furs. Their 1984 song The Ghost in You is among the songs about ghosting. The artist expressed the feelings of the hope of finding love in an honest and original style, making the song one of the most unforgettable.

Michael Jackson – Ghosts

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The popular pop singer Michael Jackson is a successful creator of hit pop songs. Just like Thriller, his 1997 song Ghosts is one of the first songs about ghosting that comes to mind. The song has traces of pop and rock genres and was inspired by a short movie of the same name. When the lyrics of the song are listened carefully, it is understood that it has a supernatural theme.

Katy Perry – Ghost

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“Ghost” is a song by American pop singer Katy Perry, featured on her fourth studio album, “Witness,” released in 2017. The track explores themes of fading love and the remnants of a past relationship. With its lyrics and music video, it should be listed among the most popular songs about ghosting.

With a mid-tempo pop sound, Perry’s vocals deliver emotive lyrics that reflect on the haunting memories of a love that once was. “Ghost” showcases Perry’s ability to blend catchy pop melodies with introspective lyricism, adding a touch of vulnerability to her catalog of hits.

Prince – How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore

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Another hit song came from Prince. “How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore” is a soulful ballad by the iconic musician Prince. Originally released as a B-side to his single “1999” in 1982, the song gained recognition for its raw emotion and Prince’s expressive vocal delivery.

The track explores the pain and confusion of a failed relationship, with Prince’s piano playing a prominent role in creating an intimate and stripped-down atmosphere. “How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore” stands as a testament to Prince’s versatility as an artist, showcasing his ability to convey deep emotion through his music.

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