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Paranoia is utilized in many different works of art and fiction. It is a concept related to psychology, so people are interested in it. There are countless movies, books and songs about paranoia. Here are some popular examples:

Radiohead – Paranoid Android

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One of the most successful bands of British music history, Radiohead’s popular song Paranoid Android is one of the first songs about paranoia that comes to mind. Paranoid Android is one of the most liked songs from their popular album OK Computer, which has sold out all over the world. This song in the progressive rock genre is actually in the style of Radiohead about the damage caused by technology on mental health. Here are Radiohead love songs where you can feel this vibe at a higher dose.

Mike & The Mechanics – Silent Running

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Formed in England in the 80s, Mike & The Mechanics are one of the most famous rock bands of the times. Their 1985 song Silent Running should be listed among songs about paranoia because of its lyrics. It is a bold rock song with provocative lyrics about the necessity of change.

Rockwell – Somebody’s Watching Me

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Rockwell is the creator of numerous classic songs in the American music industry. His real name is Kennedy William Gordy and he released his hit song Somebody’s Watching Me in 1984. This pop song including the theme of the surveillance is among the most memorable songs about paranoia. You will feel the theme of paranoia throughout the song.

The Offspring – Gotta Get Away

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One of the most successful representatives of the punk rock genre, American band The Offspring has released countless hit songs. One of these rebellious songs is Gotta Get Away, one of the most popular punk songs of the 80s. One of the high-energy songs from the album Smash, Gotta Get Away is one of the most extreme songs about paranoia.

Talking Heads – Life During Wartime

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Talking Heads is one of the most respected rock bands with an intellectual stance, formed in America in the 70s. They have a song that is considered a classic among songs about paranoia. In 1979, they released a song called Life During Wartime, which, as the title suggests, expressed the effects of war on mental health with an original music that is a mixture of rock and punk genres. While listening to the song, you will love how the band’s unique style meets the theme of paranoia.

Slint – Spiderland

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Slint is a post-rock band that produces original music. The songs released by the American band can be said to be experimental. Their strange song Spiderland should be counted among the songs about paranoia thanks to its lyrics and music video with the theme of psychological problems. The guitars in the song are like the concept of paranoia turned into music.

Iron Maiden – Fear of the Dark

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BLACK SABBATH, one of the favorite bands of metal music fans, has been one of the most successful heavy metal bands of all time. It is known that dark themes are often emphasized in the British band’s songs and albums. One of their popular songs with this dark energy is Paranoid. This classic piece, which describes the feeling of paranoia in a harsh style, is one of the oldest songs about paranoia, having been released in 1970.

A Day To Remember – Paranoia

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Young Dolph – Paranoid

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The American rapper, whose real name is Adolph Thornton Jr. continues his music career under the name Young Dolph. Released in 2017, the song Paranoid from his album Bulletproof was included in songs about paranoia with themes such as violence and crime. It is known that listeners on digital platforms are greatly interested in Young Dolp’s songs and music videos. He is one of the popular artists that comes to mind when it comes to gritty lyrics.

Juice WRLD – Paranoid

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“Paranoid” by Juice WRLD is a introspective hip-hop track featured on his album “Goodbye & Good Riddance,” released in 2018. The song’s melancholic melody and emotive lyrics explore the rapper’s inner turmoil and struggles with mental health.

With its raw honesty and vulnerability, “Paranoid” offers a glimpse into the rapper’s psyche and the complexities of navigating life in the spotlight. The song’s atmospheric production and heartfelt delivery make it a poignant and relatable anthem for anyone grappling with their own inner demons and fears.

Jonas Brothers – Paranoid

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Here is one of the most popular songs about paranoia. “Paranoid” by the Jonas Brothers is an energetic pop-rock track featured on their album “Lines, Vines and Trying Times,” released in 2009. The song’s infectious melody and driving rhythm convey a sense of urgency and unease as the narrator grapples with feelings of anxiety and paranoia.

The Jonas Brothers’ dynamic vocals and vibrant instrumentation create a sense of intensity and anticipation, drawing listeners into the whirlwind of emotions depicted in the song. “Paranoid” serves as a high-energy anthem for anyone who has ever experienced the grip of paranoia and the struggle to find peace of mind.

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