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Willie Nelson, who is 90 years old now, is one of the legendary representatives of the country-folk genre, born in the state of Texas. The artist has a unique style, memorable for his hat and bandanna. Since he was 6 years old, his life has been surrounded by music and has been characterized by various difficulties. He has beautifully portrayed the various themes of life in countless country songs. One of these themes is love. The veteran artist’s songs about love are very well loved. Here are some Willie Nelson love songs:

Always On My Mind

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More than 60 years into his professional music career in the country genre, legendary artist Willie Nelson released the song Always on My Mind in 1982. He achieved great commercial success with this song and even won a Grammy award. Although the song was originally created by Mark James, it reached hundreds of thousands of people thanks to Willie Nelson. This romantic song called Always On My Mind is among the most unforgettable Willie Nelson love songs.

Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain

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Released in 1975, Blue Eyes Crying In The Train is one of the most well-known Willie Nelson romantic songs with its lyrics and atmosphere. The hit song from his album Red Headed Stranger has managed to stay at the top of the charts for many years. It is one of the most classic songs of the outlaw country genre. When we look more carefully at the lyrics of the song, a romantic vibe is felt in which love for a blue-eyed woman is portrayed in poetic expressions.

Loving Her Was Easier

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“Loving Her Was Easier” is a special song created by Kris Kristofferson. In 1977, the veteran singer Willie Nelson performed this song again with his own version and this song became very popular. Loving Her Was Easier, one of the most memorable songs from the album The Sound In Your Mind, has romantic and sad lyrics. Willie Nelson’s iconic vocals and his guitar is one of the most characteristic elements of this song. Loving Her Was Easier is one of the first Willie Nelson love songs to come to mind.

Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground

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In 1981, Nelson released the popular country album Honeysuckle Rose and managed to make his fans satisfied with the song Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground in this album. The composition and lyrics of the song are all by Willie Nelson. The song was played over and over again on country music radios for a long time. It became one of the iconic country songs of the 80s. It is one of the Willie Nelson love songs written by Nelson himself and based on his own story.

My Own Peculiar Way

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In 1969, Willie Nelson released the song My Own Peculiar Way, which influenced countless musicians in the following generation. This song is covered by different artists even today. It is one of the most emotional songs among Willie Nelson love songs. In the lyrics of this song, the artist narrates his love story in the Texas region where he was a teenager.

There You Are

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Willie Nelson released an album with a hilarious title like “A Horse Called Music” in 1989. One of the most outstanding songs of this album is There You Are. With the impact of acoustic guitars in this song, Nelson turned an unforgettable love story into a love ballad. It has become one of the classic Willie Nelson love songs.

Can I Sleep In Your Arms

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Released in 1973, Can I Sleep In Your Arms is one of the best pieces of evidence of Willie Nelson’s extraordinary vocal talent. Listened to on digital music platforms even today, this song is one of the classics in country music. It is also one of the unforgettable Willie Nelson love songs with its lyrics and its theme.

What A Wonderful World

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Before Willie Nelson, What A Wonderful World was produced by Bob Thiele and George David Weiss, and in 1988 Willie Nelson performed it in his version. This cover was very popular. It has become a classic in American music history.

Unchained Melody

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One of the most popular songs from the Healing Hands of Time album is Unchained Melody. The legendary country singer Willie Nelson has shown his fans both songs he wrote himself and new covers with this album. Unchained Melody was a song created by Alex North and Hy Zaret, and the Nelson version released in 1994 was also very popular. This song with romantic lyrics and incomparable guitar tones is among the most popular Willie Nelson love songs.

A Song For You

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Willie Nelson, who released his album The Troublemaker in 1975, also released the original romantic song A Song For You on this album. The song is actually a country classic by Leon Russell, but Nelson’s performance of the song was very beloved and appreciated by music authorities. It would be impossible not to remember A Song For You among Willie Nelson love songs.

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