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Kissing moments are the times when emotions rise to the peak. There are many examples of songs about kissing, from pop to rock. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa – One Kiss

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Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa’s collaborative track ‘One Kiss’ showcases her seductive vocals about the power of a kiss, set against dance, disco and EDM beats with 70s-inspired bongos and electric guitars for added visual flair. This work by Calvin and Dua is one of the first ones that come to mind among songs about kissing.

One Direction – Kiss You

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One Direction, formed during the 2010 season of UK version of The X Factor, began their first tour to sell out stadiums and arenas worldwide almost immediately upon formation. Comprised of Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Harry Styles as members.

Their 2011 hit single What Makes You Beautiful reached #1 on the UK Singles Chart and their debut album Up All Night was an overwhelming success. Fans were drawn in by the band’s charismatic performances during interviews and performance videos; drawing great fan loyalty.

One Direction announced shortly after releasing their second album Four that they would be taking a hiatus, yet their members continued releasing solo music; their first single post-One Direction release, Pillowtalk, became one of the highest debut singles by any British artist on the US Billboard Hot 100 charts. This song is one of the most original songs about kissing.

Katy Perry – I Kissed A Girl

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Perry took her stage name after the release of her hit single “I Kissed a Girl” in 2008. Raised in a religious household and studying to become a missionary, Perry initially pursued gospel music at first under her birth name of Katy Hudson; at age 15 she released an album under this moniker entitled Katy Hudson under which name was released the album Katy Hudson under which name was released under its release date of 15 years ago.

However, her initial effort at Christian music wasn’t as successful as she wished; therefore Perry decided to change her name and focus her image as a pop star; this resulted in hits such as Teenage Dream and One of the Boys as well as more recent tracks such as Prism which feature disco influences reflecting themes such as relationships and self-empowerment. Perry has also appeared in films and released fragrance lines through Coty. This unforgettable song is one of the most high-energy among songs about kissing.

The Manhattans – Kiss and Say Goodbye

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The Manhattans were an R&B vocal quartet who thrived long after they first formed, remaining chart-toppers well into the 1980s and beyond. Led by Winfred Blue Lovett (composer of many of their greatest hits) who led by example by adapting their style with changing trends.

After finding some success on DeLuxe, they switched labels and moved over to Columbia Records where their Bivins-penned track One Life to Live made its way into R&B Top Five; however, Kiss and Say Goodbye would become their biggest success of all. This track is one of the most popular songs about kissing.

After several more years in the Top 40, The Manhattans were reduced to a quartet with Richard Taylor replacing Kenneth Kelly upon his death. They remained this way until 2021 when they released Shining Star, an album of cover tunes.

Whitney Houston & Enrique Iglesias – Could I Have This Kiss Forever

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Popular musicians Whitney Houston & Enrique Iglesias produced this amazing song. This is a striking example for the songs about kissing.

Lady Antebellum – Just A Kiss

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Lady Antebellum recently made headlines for their decision to drop their former name due to its associations with slavery. Instead, they changed it to Lady A and pledged more efforts against racism worldwide.

Hillary Scott (lead and background vocals), Charles Kelley (lead and background vocals) and Dave Haywood (background vocals, guitar, piano and mandolin) first formed this band in 2006. That year they recorded their debut album Love Don’t Live Here with Capitol Nashville.

But the new name change didn’t sit well with Seattle blues singer Lady A, who claims she has used that moniker for more than two decades and says no one from the band reached out before making their decision public. Among songs with kiss in the title, it would be impossible not to mention this song.

Prince & The Revolution – Kiss

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At a time when black artists had to fight for airplay on radio stations, Prince brought an unprecedented level of musical prowess and star power to radio charts. A supremely talented pianist, singer and composer, Prince was one of the greatest and most revered performers in rock history.

Prince, known for embracing typographical oddities with his stage name, was unafraid of challenging conventional musical convention. Using religious impulses combined with sexual urges into an exhilarating sacred erotic experience. Additionally, his concerts provided him the platform to make political statements such as one in Baltimore after Freddie Gray died.

After his groundbreaking album For You was released in 1978, Prince went on to release Dirty Mind the following year and then subsequently create Purple Rain. This successful song has one of the most emotional lyrics among songs about kissing.

Shania Twain – When You Kiss Me

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Shania Twain has established herself as one of the greatest country musicians ever, while simultaneously dominating charts across genres. Thanks to her crossover appeal, which draws fans from other genres – particularly pop – Shania has sold more albums than many country artists could even manage on their own.

Eilleen Regina “Shania” Twain was raised in a small Canadian town and began singing bar tunes at eight years old to help support her family financially. Later she went on to work in Northern Ontario reforestation operations with her father before marrying Frederic Thiebaud, whom she considered to be her support system and found happiness together.

In 1993, she met producer Robert John “Mutt” Lange who quickly became instrumental in her career; together they released The Woman in Me which quickly became a hit album. Subsequently in 2002, Up!, featuring both country and pop versions of each track was also released and was also well received by critics and listeners. This track is considered as one of the songs about kissing.

Kid Rock – First Kiss

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Kid Rock was an accomplished self-taught musician from Romeo, Michigan who taught himself rock and hip hop instruments. Inspired by The Beastie Boys and taking up hard guitar rock with rap to form his unique sound, Kid Rock quickly established a local following in Detroit. Jive Records issued his debut album Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast in 1990 despite its explicit lyrics sparking controversy; when an uncensored version of “Yo-Da-Lin’ in the Valley” — an oral sex track — was played over college radio which resulted in an FCC fine from them and dropped him by Jive.

Kid Rock joined Metallica and System of a Down on their Summer Sanitarium tour in 2000, performing “American Bad Ass” from Metallica’s 1991 song of the same name; later that year he released The History of Rock compilation album. This emotional song can be listed as one of the songs about kissing.

Thompson Square – Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not

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Among songs about kissing, it would be impossible not to mention this song by Thompson Square.

Morrissey – Let Me Kiss You

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Among songs about kissing, this track can be remembered thanks to its lyrics and theme. “Let Me Kiss You” is a song by English singer-songwriter Morrissey, released in 2004 as a single from his seventh studio album, “You Are the Quarry.” The song features Morrissey’s distinctive vocals and explores themes of desire and romantic longing.

The lyrics convey a plea for intimacy, with Morrissey expressing a desire to share a kiss with someone special. The track showcases Morrissey’s ability to combine poetic lyrics with melodic and emotionally charged music, making it a standout in his solo career.

Toby Keith – You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This

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“You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This” is a country song by American singer-songwriter Toby Keith. It was released in 2000 as a single from his album “How Do You Like Me Now?!” The song is a romantic ballad that captures the emotions of a moment when a kiss feels unexpectedly meaningful and profound. Keith’s warm vocals and the country-rock arrangement contribute to the song’s charm. “You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This” became a hit on country music charts, showcasing Toby Keith’s ability to connect with audiences through heartfelt storytelling.

Both songs, while belonging to different genres, share the common theme of exploring the emotions and significance of a kiss. Morrissey and Toby Keith approach the subject with their unique styles, making each song a distinctive expression of romantic sentiment in their respective genres.

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