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Today we will examine songs about circle. It is known that there are many songs about circle released at different times from different musical genres. From classic pop songs to recently popular hip-hop music examples, circle is a concept that has been used in many different songs in different contexts.

Here are some of the songs about circle that we have compiled specially for you:

Carmen Twillie, Lebo M. – Circle of Life

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The song called circle of life, which is in the soundtrack album of the popular movie The Lion King animations, is at the top of the list of songs about circles. This song was actually composed by Elton John.

This song, which belongs to Elton John, was reinterpreted by Carmen Twillie for the movie The Lion King. This song, which we know from both the cartoon series in the 90s and the animated movie released today, is very popular.

Post Malone – Circles

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Post Malone’s song “Circles” is a popular hip-hop song released in 2019. It should be reminded that the song is a very popular song with its easy-to-follow melody and lyrics about troubled bilateral relationships.

The concept of circle is used as a metaphor to criticize relationships in which the same things always happen. “Circles” is one of the first examples that comes to mind in our list of songs about circles.

Slipknot – Circle

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We continue our list of songs about circle with an example from the heavy metal genre. The song Circle, released in 2001, has become one of Slipknot’s most popular songs.

The song reflects Slipknot’s style very well, especially with its brutal vocals and intense use of instruments. We definitely recommend the metal song called Circle to add originality to your playlists.

Mac Miller – Circles

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It is one of the popular songs of Mac Miller’s album Circles, released in 2020. This song has clever lyrics based on personal journeys. He used the concept of Circle as a metaphor to explain that the same cycles always occur in life. Circles should be at the top of our list of songs about circle. And also don’t forget the look at mac miller love songs list.

Be Svendsen, Kamilla Kovacs – Circle

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The song Circle, which is in the genre of electronic songs, also includes touches of the folk genre. It is especially popular with its acoustic version.

These two artists performed the song Circle together and sang it. It should definitely be counted among our list of songs about circle.

Elton John – Circle of Life

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The song Circle of Life, made for the movie The Lion King, which we mentioned in our list, is actually an Elton John composition. Elton John is the real creator of this song. We should definitely remember this version in our list of songs about circle, with its original version not used in the movie.

Party Favor, Bipolar Sunshine – Circle Up

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Circle Up is an example of a popular electro dance genre. The song was co-produced by Party Favor and Bipolar Sunshine.

Circle Up, an electronic dance song, is generally suitable for playing at parties or festivals. It is one of the energy-boosting examples in our list of songs about circle.

Mitski – Circle

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Mitski, who released popular examples of the indie rock genre, released her song Circle in 2012. Circle is one of the most dramatic examples of our list of songs about circles, with its melancholic atmosphere.

You should definitely add this original song to your playlists. Even though it has been more than 10 years since it was published, it is still listened to by many people today.

Hollywood Undead – Circles

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The popular rock band released their song Hollywood and Dead Soccer in 2018. Circles is particularly remembered for the guitar and vocals. The song Circles, with its impressive chorus of guitar and vocals, is one of the popular examples in our list of songs about circles.

Pierce The Veil – Circles

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The last song on our list comes from the rock genre. The song Circles, released by the band Pierce The Veil in 2010, contains pos hardcore and emo touches. This original song is one of the most original examples in our list of songs about the circle.

David Bowie – The Width of a Circle

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When we announce the songs about circle, this legendary track must be listed now. “The Width of a Circle” is a song by English rock musician David Bowie, appearing on his fourth studio album, “The Man Who Sold the World,” released in 1970. The song is notable for its energetic and experimental rock sound, featuring heavy guitar riffs and Bowie’s dynamic vocals.

Lyrically, the song explores themes of sexuality and self-discovery. “The Width of a Circle” showcases Bowie’s willingness to push musical boundaries and experiment with different styles during his early career.

Harry Chapin – Circle

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The next song is a really old one among our list. “Circle” is a song by American singer-songwriter Harry Chapin, released in 1972 as part of his debut studio album, “Heads & Tales.” The song is characterized by Chapin’s folk-rock style and narrative storytelling. “Circle” tells the story of a man reflecting on the cyclical nature of life, from birth to death and the connections between generations.

The lyrics explore themes of family, time, and the universal experiences that bind people together. Harry Chapin’s ability to craft intricate narratives and his emotive vocals contribute to the song’s impact.

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