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Are you a metalhead looking for some great Slipknot love songs? In this post, we have a lot of awesome suggestions for you. With its uniquely badass sound and the distinctive appearances of its members, Slipknot is one of the legendary and well-known bands in nu metal. A lot of the band’s songs are about alienation, self harm, anger, depression, hating society and other difficult topics. However, despite its hardcore type of music and rough style, Slipknot has numerous songs about love. Below you can find ten of those superb tracks that may surprise you, since it’s Slipknot after all…


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When it comes to the love songs by Slipknot, one of the first answers that come to mind is Vermillion. This popular option is one of the calmer songs by the band, which is known for its loud and aggressive sound. While it can be classified as a love song, Slipknot being Slipknot, it has a very sinister side. It is about a stalker following a girl around, only to realize that she is not even a real person, only someone that he imagined.


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Another one of the popular romantic Slipknot songs is “Snuff”, which has an uncharacteristically slow and chill melody that we don’t usually hear from the band. But when we get closer and closer to the end of the song, it gets heavier and closer to the band’s usual style. Unlike the first song that we discussed, it’s not creepy and it is actually a very meaningful love song. The song is about loving someone but being too wicked for them, and wanting them to get away because of this.

Dead Memories

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With this badass song by the band, we are getting closer to the typical Slipknot style. While there is a melodic and highly emotional side of this song, it is also very rough and aggressive, as well. It is basically a breakup song but when we go deeper, it’s clear that the song is also about subjects such as emotional abuse, trauma and losing one’s self in a relationship with an incompatible partner.


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Even though romantic affection can be the first thing that many people think when the subject matter is “love”, love isn’t necessarily always about that. It can be towards anyone important to us, and it can also be towards memories we cherish. “Circle” is another one of the beautiful Slipknot love songs and it is about the love and yearning felt towards one’s own past and origins.

Vermilion, Pt. 2

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Love is one of the purest feelings in the world and when beginning a relationship, most of us don’t expect it to turn into a mess. But sometimes relationships turn into failures and we begin to feel resentment towards our partner. “Vermilion, Pt. 2” is about a relationship that started with a lot of desire and passion, yet turned into a frustrating burden.


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Here’s another one of the meaningful and sorrowful Slipknot love songs: “Goodbye”. Losing someone we love to an unexpected and early death can be a painful feeling, which this song perfectly expresses. It is a song about the band’s late member Paul Gray, who passed away in 2010. The song starts in a fittingly slow and reverent way, then it turns into a chaotic mess, which can be a reflection of how the band members felt with the news of their friends passing away.

The Virus of Life

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With all of its aspects from its chaotic sound to its eerie theme, “The Virus of Life” is a great example of a Slipknot song through and through. It is a song written from the point of view of someone who looks at a love interest like a predator looks at a prey, wanting to take over their whole life.


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Although some parts of this track can be too heavy for a ceremony like this, “Yen” can be one of the best Slipknot wedding songs with its meaningful lyrics, which discuss the passionate love between two people in a bold and intense way, as well as losing oneself in romantic affection towards someone.

My Pain

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With its lyrics and its melody, “My Pain” is definitely among the most creepy Slipknot songs. While it has a slow tempo, it is certainly a very eerie song. It is about a possessive person who confuses love with pain.

‘Til We Die

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Another one of the amazing Slipknot love songs that can be worth checking out is “‘Til We Die”, which is a song about brotherly love. This wonderful song has a powerful and epic sound to it, which fits its theme. It is about persevering the challenges one faces alongside his friends and going forwards confidently.

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