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Some of our basic senses take a place in songs. Senses such as touching, seeing, hearing and smelling can help express emotions better. The sense of smell is also used in many songs of different genres. Here are some popular songs about smell:

Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit

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The rock band Nirvana, led by Kurt Cobain, has worldwide popularity and broke sales records with the album Nevermind. The most listened to song of this album is Smells Like Teen Spirit. This song is considered one of the best representatives of the grunge sound and rock and roll culture. Among songs about smell, this is probably the most popular one. The title of the song “smells like teen spirit” is a poetic expression that is quite popular.

Mystikal – I Smell Smoke

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The famous rapper Mystikal released the song I Smell smoke in 2000. The popular song from his album Let’s Get Ready is an honest depiction of different aspects of street life. Like other songs in hip-hop culture, I Smell Smoke uses illegal street activities as a theme. This popular rap song is among the songs about smell thanks to its original style.

Lynyrd Skynyrd – That Smell

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Riskay – Smell Yo Dick

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Riskay’s controversial song Smell Yo Dick has harsh lyrics. Released in 2009 as a single, this song reflects the anger of a woman who thinks that her lover is cheating on her in a good way. Smell Yo Dick has a special meaning among songs about smell as it belongs to a female rapper.

Charlie Puth – Smells Like Me

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G-Unit – I Smell Pussy

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I Smell Pussy, one of the popular songs from the album Beg for Mercy, can be considered a diss song. Released by the famous rapper G-Unit in 2003, the song satirizes other rappers in the music market. Carrying all the anger of rap music, I Smell Pussy can be counted among songs with smell in the title. In the early 2000s, they were working on collective rap. Famous rapper 50 Cent was also a member of G-Unit.

The White Stripes – I Think I Smell a Rat

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Enigma – Smell Of Desire

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Enigma’s 1993 song Smell Of Desire, which has been listened to for years with its unique style, is one of the songs where the sense of smell is used in a good way. One of the songs from the successful album The Cross of Changes, Smell of Desire is a combination of different genres. It has a unique atmosphere and romantic lyrics. It can be considered one of the most original songs about smell.

2 Chainz – Smell Like Money ft. Lil Wayne

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Roger Waters – Smell the Roses

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Roger Waters, the leader and vocalist of Pink Floyd, one of the world’s most respected music groups, released the song Smell the Roses on his 5th solo album. The popular song has a critical style with political discourse. There are tones of progressive rock and folk genres. The lyrics are written in a motivational genre. The popular song from rock legend Roger Waters’ album Is This The Life We Really Want? is one of the first songs about smell that comes to mind. And also you can check pink floyd love songs from our website.

Kiboomers Kids Learning Songs For Circle Time – Five Senses

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There is also an example in the songs about smell list of the Kiboomers channel, which broadcasts great content for children. In their song Five Senses, as in their other content, they introduce children to the five sense organs in a way that educates them while entertaining them.

If you want to teach your children the five senses organs, including smell, at a very young age, this song may be a more effective method than books or lessons. It has achieved more than 7 and a half million streams on YouTube.

3 Doors Down – That Smell

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We also recommend you to take a look at the metal version of the song That Smell by Lynyrd Skynyrd, covered by the band 3 Doors Down. He is the beloved creator of hit metal songs such as 3 Doors Down and Here Without You, which are relatively newer than the band Lynyrd Skynyrd.

We should remind you that the dose of aggression in the song That Smell is a bit high. But if you already like the style of 3 Doors Down, you can add the song That Smell to your playlists with peace of mind.

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