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We dive into different songs about touching. These songs from an evocative collection that delves into the multifaceted realm of tactile sensation within music. This list of songs about touching comprises a diverse range of melodies and lyrics that explore the intimacy, desire, vulnerability, and depth inherent in the act of touching.

From playful pop anthems celebrating sensual connections to soulful ballads expressing emotional longing, these songs traverse various genres, each resonating with the power and significance of physical contact. Let’s explore the best examples of songs about touching:

Little Mix – Touch

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British girl group Little Mix released their song Touch in 2016. This unique R&B song has been listened to widely on online music platforms. All the elements of the pop genre can be felt in the song which deals with physical contacts in emotional relationships. Little Mix is one of the most successful girl groups of recent times. Touch should be remembered among songs about touching.

Mariah Carey – Touch My Body

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Mariah Carey’s R&B-pop hit Touch My Body embodies flirtatiousness and seduction within a romantic context. With infectious rhythms and Carey’s signature vocal prowess, the song invites listeners on a playful journey through tactile intimacy.

It celebrates the allure and excitement of sensual touch in a relationship, becoming a chart-topping testament to Carey’s sensual musicality. This track should be added to your playlist of songs about touching.

Cascada – Everytime We Touch

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Cascada, a successful band from Germany, released the song “Everytime We Touch” in 2005. With this song the band addresses the topic of love and romantic contact and offers it with high-energy vocals and a dance-pop melody. This song is an example from Germany among songs with touch in the title.

AC/DC – Touch Too Much

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AC/DC, one of the most famous rock bands of all time, released their song Touch Too Much in 1979. The song is one of the most beloved tracks on their mega-popular album Highway to Hell. A good example of the hard-rock genre, the song has the highest dose of anger among songs about touching. It is accepted as a rock classic and has lyrics about touching in relationships. If you want to hear some guitar tones in your playlist, this is the right choice: Touch Too Much.

Dan Hill – Sometimes When We Touch

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Canadian artist Dan Hill released the soft rock ballad Sometime When We Touch in 1977. The song is the most distinctive song of the Longer Fuse album. It is a romantic track like other Dan Hill songs where the theme of love is intensely felt. Thanks to Dan Hill’s unique vocals and poetic lyrics, it is one of the first songs about touching to come to mind.

Samantha Fox – Touch Me (I Want Your Body)

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Samantha Fox is one of the most celebrated female pop artists of all time. Her 1986 song Touch Me is one of the most widely popular songs about touching. With themes such as love, passion and liberation, the song is popular both in its era and still today.

Divinyls – I Touch Myself

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The popular Australian band of the 90s is Divinyls, remembered among songs about touching with their song I Touch Myself. The song has a similar atmosphere to the band’s other songs. Alternative rock melodies accompany the lyrics where themes such as loneliness and romance are intensely felt. Divinyls has gained popularity not only in Australia but all over the world for creating such original songs.

Bruce Springsteen – Human Touch

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American veteran artist Bruce Springsteen released the song Human Touch in 1992. The song bears the same name as the album it is on. When we listen closely to the lyrics, as in Bruce Springsteen’s other songs, social issues are involved. Human Touch is one of the most well-known songs about touching, describing how human virtues are forgotten in a rapidly changing world. The legendary artist Springsteen deserves to be heard with other songs with similar themes.

Genesis – Invisible Touch

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British band Genesis released their unforgettable song Invisible Touch in 1986. The melody, lyrics and chorus of the song are awe-inspiring at first listen. It can be considered in the progressive rock genre and the energy of the song is one of the highest among songs about touching.

Michael Bolton – Can I Touch You… There?

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In 1995, American artist Michael Bolton released Can I Touch You… There? There?, a song with a high level of passion.  In Timeless: The Classics, Vol.2, a song about emotional attachment. The courage in the title of the song is also felt in the lyrics. With its original atmosphere, “Can I Touch You… There?” should be remembered in our songs about touching lists. You will be impressed by the vocals of veteran artist Michael Bolton.

The Doors – Touch Me

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The first song of the list of songs about touching is Touch Me. The Doors’ Touch Me stands as a testament to the band’s iconic exploration of desire and sensuality. Jim Morrison’s charismatic vocals, combined with the band’s distinct psychedelic rock sound, create an enigmatic journey through longing and intimacy.

The song captures the essence of the late ’60s, blending Morrison’s poetic lyrics with hypnotic melodies. Touch Me remains an emblematic piece, embodying an era of exploration into the sensual and emotional connections forged through touch.

Olivia Newton-John – Physical

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Here is another example of songs about touching. Olivia Newton-John’s Physical emerged as a seismic ’80s pop anthem, heralding an era of unapologetic celebration of physical attraction. With pulsating rhythms and catchy beats, the song’s suggestive yet playful lyrics became an anthem for embracing desire and intimacy.

Newton-John’s vivacious delivery made Physical an iconic portrayal of the era’s liberated attitude towards sensuality.

New Order – Touched by the Hand of God

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New Order’s Touched by the Hand of God is a riveting dance-pop track that fuses pulsating beats with reflective themes. The song navigates the idea of transformative encounters, using touch as a metaphor for powerful emotional connections.

Its blend of electronic melodies and contemplative lyrics creates an ethereal ambiance that explores the profound impact of intimate connections in one’s life.

Rag’n’Bone Man – Skin

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The next great song that can be counted among songs about touching is Skin . Rag’n’Bone Man’s Skin is a soul-stirring ballad that tenderly explores the yearning for physical and emotional touch. The song’s powerful lyrics and emotive delivery delve into vulnerability and the human need for connection.

Against a backdrop of stirring melodies, Skin portrays the complexities of longing for intimacy and the solace found in tactile relationships.

Sinéad O’Connor – I Want Your Hands on Me

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Here is the classic song for songs about touching. Sinéad O’Connor’s upbeat pop track I Want Your Hands on Me expresses a longing for physical closeness within a romantic relationship. The song’s lively tempo and O’Connor’s expressive vocals embody the excitement and anticipation of tactile connection, showcasing O’Connor’s versatility in delivering emotive lyrics.

Trey Songz ft. Nicki Minaj – Touchin, Lovin

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This contemporary R&B and hip-hop collaboration between Trey Songz and Nicki Minaj celebrates the sensual and intimate aspects of physical touch. With its smooth beats and suggestive yet playful lyrics, the song creates an alluring and seductive atmosphere, exploring the passionate connection between partners.

Days of the New – Touch, Peel and Stand

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While not solely focused on touch, Touch, Peel and Stand by Days of the New incorporates metaphors about vulnerability and emotional barriers, using imagery related to touch. The song conveys the process of revealing one’s inner self, akin to peeling away layers and allowing emotional touch or connection.

VAST – Touched

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The last example of songs about touching is Touched. VAST’s introspective track Touched delves into the emotional resonance of human connection. Contemplative and hauntingly beautiful, the song explores the sensation of being emotionally affected by someone or something, inviting listeners into an introspective realm where touch transcends physicality and resonates on an emotional level.

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