Songs About Sacrifice

Artists who produce music benefit from different concepts to effectively express their emotions. The word “sacrifice” is also used in countless songs of different genres as a powerful material to express emotions. Here are some examples of popular songs about sacrifice:

Elton John – Sacrifice

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One of the most popular names in the American music industry, Elton John attracts attention not only with his music career but also with his personality and style. The song Sacrifice, released by the successful artist in 1989, tells about the sacrifice of ego for love. The song, which can be considered in the soft rock genre with piano and guitars, was later included in the album “Sleeping with the Past”. It is impossible not to count this song of a music legend like Elton John among songs about sacrifice.

Creed – My Sacrifice

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My Sacrifice, released in 2011 by the popular music group Creed, is considered one of the best examples of the grunge rock genre. The song is about love and has a melancholic atmosphere. The lyrics talk about the sacrifices made for love. One of the most popular songs from the Weathered album, My Sacrifice is one of the harshest songs about sacrifice.

David Guetta – What I Did For Love

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Evanescence – Sweet Sacrifice

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Always at the top of the charts on music platforms, Evanescence continued this success with their 2006 album The Open Door. The song Sweet Sacrifice, one of the most popular songs of the album, expresses in a harsh and effective language the sacrifices made for individual development based on the lessons learned from the mistakes made in the past. While the song can be considered a good example of the rock genre, it is also one of the first songs about sacrifice that come to mind.

The Weeknd – Sacrifice

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Big Sean – Sacrifices ft. Migos

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Big Sean and Migos produced the song Sacrifices in 2017. The song is a pretty favorite from the album “I Decided”. The song is about the story of sacrifices made for success. The song “Sacrifices“ has harsh lyrics and is counted in the rap genre. It is a unique one  among songs about sacrifice thanks to its original style.

Dreamville – Sacrifices ft. EARTHGANG, J. Cole, Smino & Saba

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Drake – Sacrifices

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One of the most popular rappers in the world, the famous musician Drake released an impressive album called “More Life” in 2017. There is one song on this album that stands out from the others: Sacrifices. In this song, Drake wrote about the sacrifices he made for his music career. Carefully crafted lyrics are added over a soft-toned beat. If there is a list of songs with sacrifice in the title, Drake’s “Sacrifices” should definitely be on it.

Dream Theater – Endless Sacrifice

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Poison – (Flesh & Blood) Sacrifice

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In 1990, Poison released their hard rock album Flesh & Blood and included a song called Sacrifice in this album. The popular song is about the artist’s sacrifices made for love. It is explained that there are good rewards as a result of sacrifices. Among songs about sacrifice, Poison’s classic “Sacrifice” should definitely be counted. The song starts with the lyrics:  “Like animals, Tonight we make it”. It has harsh lyrics like the other bands of the 90s.

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