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The phrase “amazing” is one of the most frequently used expressions in daily life. For this reason, it is also used a lot in song lyrics. Examples of songs about amazing created by different artists in different genres:

Aerosmith – Amazing

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Aerosmith is one of the most successful rock bands in American music industry history. The group has hundreds of thousands of fans on digital music platforms. Throughout their musical career, they have recorded dozens of albums and performed thousands of live shows for their fans. Their 1993 song Amazing is one of the most high-energy songs about amazing. With lyrics that deal with mistakes made in the past, the song has traces of rock and ballad genres.

INNA – Amazing

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Romanian singer INNA is the producer of many hit pop songs. In 2009, the successful pop singer released the song Amazing. The popular song has an electronic dance music mood. On the other hand, in the lyrics she expresses the feelings of love through the word amazing. It might be one of the most popular songs about amazing. She has a large fan base both in America and Europe.

Phil Wickham – This Is Amazing Grace

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This Is Amazing Grace is the title of both an album and a song by Phil Wickham. The song has a pop and rock influence. It is an example of the Christian worship genre and has themes about Christianity and God. It is one of the most spiritual ones among songs about amazing. Phil Wickham deals with these textures in this song as well as in his other albums.

Kanye West – Amazing ft. Young Jeezy

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One of the 10 most popular artists in the American music industry, Kanye West is the producer of many hit songs. He draws attention with both his music videos and the original lyrics of his songs. In 2008, he released his song Amazing together with Young Jeezy. Amazing is one of the most well-known songs with amazing in the title, which describes Kanye’s struggles with his fame and career with truthful lyrics.

George Michael – Amazing

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British singer George Michael was in the prime of his career in the early 2000s. The successful singer, who released hit songs in the pop and R&B genres, released his song Amazing in 2004. The song can be described as a kind of love song in terms of subject and theme. This popular song can be listed as a good example of songs about amazing from the UK as well.

Luther Vandross – So Amazing

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Luther Vandross, a popular artist of the 80s, released successful albums in the R&B genre. He released his popular song So Amazing in 1986. The song is among the most romantic songs about amazing. The lyrics express how amazing love is in the Vandross language. With 25 million album sales, the artist has a serious commercial success and attracts the attention of thousands of people with his daily life.

Mary J. Blige – Amazing (feat. DJ Khaled)

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Pastor Mike Jr. – Amazing

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American gospel artist Pastor Mike Jr. has recently released the song Amazing. The popular song expresses how amazing love and God are. Successful examples of modern music continue to be heard from Pastor Mike Jr.

Ariana Grande – thank u, next

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Rihanna – Sex With Me

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One of the most hugely popular singers of today, Rihanna is also on our list of the songs about amazing. The Barbadian singer, who is the creator of the most hit examples of the pop genre, uses the theme of amazing with her ambitious song Sex With Me. The bold lyrics are about sex, as the name of the song suggests. The lyrics of the song that everyone remembers start with the phrase “sex with me, so amazing”.

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