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Shining is used a lot in the meaning of metaphor in the lyrics. Sometimes in a pop song, sometimes in a rock song, shine is used in different contexts. Shine, which symbolizes the energy and positivity in people, has been used in the lyrics of countless songs. Here are some popular songs about shine:

Rihanna – Diamonds

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Rihanna is a famous pop artist who has managed to enter the list of the most successful pop artists of all time. He made a great impact on the music market with his album Unapologetic in 2012. Diamonds, which can be considered a work of art with its clip and lyrics, is one of the best-known hits in this album. The song is one of the boldest examples of the pop genre. Diamonds, which has an unforgettable refrain written about love, is undoubtedly the most well-known among songs about shine. Although she is from Barbados, she continues his  excellent music career in America.

Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Diamond

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One of the greatest rock bands of all time, Pink Floyd has always surprised their fans with their original lyrics and enigmatic cover designs. The song called Shine On You Crazy Diamond by the British band founded in the 60s is one of the best quality songs with shine in the title. When we examine the lyrics of the song, it is understood that it is a tribute published in memory of its founding member Syd Barrett. Guitar solos are unforgettable in this song, which leads to a very original atmosphere. Also you can check pink floyd love songs list.

BANNERS – Shine A Light

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Electric Light Orchestra – Shine a Little Love

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Electric Light Orchestra, which fans call ELO for short, is a popular British rock band. Founded in 1970, the band has released many albums. Their song Shine a Little Love, which became a hit in the early 80s, is in their eighth album. The lyrics, in which positive emotions and love are kept at the forefront, are presented with a lively music consisting of a mixture of different genres. This unique piece is one of the classic songs about shining.

a-ha – The Sun Always Shines on T.V.

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Wanessa Camargo – Shine It On

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Brazilian singer Wanessa Camargo produces energetic songs in electronic dance and pop genres. Shine It On was one of the most popular songs on W. DNA, which is on the 7th album released in 2011. This upbeat song is one of the most original and high-energy songs about shine. The words are full of motivation to enjoy life. You won’t be able to stop dancing when you listen to Camargo’s song Shine It On.

JVKE – golden hour

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Years & Years

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Founded in 2010, British pop group Years & Years have developed their own unique language. Shine, the popular electro-pop song of their album Communion, should be counted among the songs about shine. We see that there is deep advice in the lyrics of the song. in the chorus Can you see me? This song has become a rosewood with the sentence I’m shining.

Doja Cat – Shine

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Spectrum – Shine

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American music duo Spekrem are the creators of popular electronic music songs. Their song Shine, which they released as a single in 2013, is among the best songs about shine. The interesting atmosphere in the song is provided by melodies and lyrics. This piece of EDM genre also has a very impressive clip. You will be enchanted while listening to Spekrem’s Shine song.

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