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Time expressions are used in many songs. Some of the most popular songs benefit from these time expressions in the title of the song, while others use them only in the lyrics. From Leonard Cohen to Tom Waits, songs about closing time by various artists who manage their music careers in different genres:

Semisonic – Closing Time

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Semisonic is an American rock band whose songs are widely loved for their fusion of electronic dance music. Their hit song Closing Time was released in 1998. The phrase closing time in the lyrics of the popular song is used to metaphorically symbolize a new process starting in the artist’s life. The cinematic music video of this song, which has been watched by millions of music listeners on digital platforms, is also very creative. In the clip, the screen is split in half and 2 parallel stories are told.

Leonard Cohen – Closing Time

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Canadian musician Leonard Cohen is a legendary musician with fans all over the world. His vocal techniques and lyrics are unforgettable. His lyrics have a quality and elaboration often seen in works of literature. In 1992 he released the song Closing Time. The lyrics summarize the end of a romantic relationship with the phrase closing time. This classic song is one of the most popular songs about closing time.

Tom Waits – Closing Time

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Tom Waits is one of the most influential musicians of all time, with his liberating lyrics and eccentric lifestyle. In their 1973 song Closing Time, Waits described the sadness that comes at night with the expression closing time. With fans all over the world, one of the most important elements that makes Tom Waits’ songs unique is his high level of vocal talent. It is impossible not to remember Tom Waits among the songs about closing time.

Zach Bryan – Poems and Closing Time

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Zach Bryan is a young American musician. He produces songs in the country genre and released the song Poems and Closing Time in 2019. The lyrics of this song express the feelings of the artist after the end of a relationship in which everything was going perfectly. This romantic song should be counted among the popular songs about closing time thanks to its original style and as an example of country. Here are the other beloved Zach Bryan love songs.

Modest Mouse – Lounge (Closing Time)

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American rock band Modest Mouse released the album “Long Drive” in 1996: This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing”. One of the most memorable songs from this album is Closing Time. A hard and energetic song, Closing Time is also available on some music platforms under the name Lounge. This rock classic is one of the most original songs about closing time.

Lyle Lovett – Closing Time

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Famous musician Lyle Lovett has produced countless country songs. In 1998, he released his successful album Step Inside The House and wrote almost all the lyrics of the songs in the album. The famous singer continues to be on the agenda not only with his music career but also with his marriages and personal life. Lovett’s Closing Time is one of the songs about closing time that you should definitely give a chance soon.

Mr Hudson – CLOSING TIME feat. Goody Grace

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British music group Mr Hudson collaborated with Goody Grace in 2020. At the end of this collaboration, they released their song CLOSING TIME. The song has a unique atmosphere with pop and hip-hop genres. It should be counted this original song among songs about closing time.

Havelin – Closing Time

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Unlike other artists, American musician Havelin is also a writer and educator. Released in 2020, the song Closing Time metaphorically describes the end of a relationship with the expression closing time. This emotional song is one of the first ones that come to mind when we think of songs with closing time in the title.

Willie Nelson – The Party’s Over

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Here is another song on the list of songs about closing time.”The Party’s Over” is a classic country song performed by American country music legend Willie Nelson. It was originally written by Jule Styne, Betty Comden, and Adolph Green for the musical “Bells Are Ringing.” Willie Nelson included his version on the album of the same name, released in 1967. The song reflects a sense of finality and the end of a celebration or gathering.

Nelson’s distinctive voice and the country instrumentation give the song a timeless quality. “The Party’s Over” has become one of Willie Nelson’s signature songs and is often associated with the closing moments of events or performances.

Tracy Chapman – Give Me One Reason

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Let’s go back to the 90’s with this song. “Give Me One Reason” is a bluesy rock song by American singer-songwriter Tracy Chapman. It was released in 1995 as a single from her album “New Beginning.” The song features Chapman’s soulful vocals and is characterized by its rhythmic guitar riff. Lyrically, the song revolves around a plea for honesty and communication in a relationship.

Chapman’s emotive delivery and the song’s simplicity contributed to its success, earning it a Grammy Award for Best Rock Song. “Give Me One Reason” remains one of Tracy Chapman’s most well-known and commercially successful songs.

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