Pink Floyd Love Songs

Founded in 1965 in London, Pink Floyd is a successful band that has revolutionized the music world. From the designs of their album covers to the depth of their lyrics, they created great differences in many ways. Popular music projects such as The Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here and The Wall remained on the charts for months after their release date. Their songs in the progressive rock or psychedelic rock genre have been listened to generation after generation. While some of their songs criticize the system, others are about love. There are various Pink Floyd love songs that many know. Here are some love songs of this legendary band:

Coming Back to Life

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Coming Back to Life is a popular song from the album The Division Bell, released in 1994. It has become unforgettable with the unique talent of vocalist David Gilmour. The lyrics “For killing the past and coming back to life” are quite impressive. Remastered versions have been released in different years since 1994. The song has a very emotional atmosphere and the use of keyboards is admirable. On the other hand, the use of electric guitar makes Coming Back to Life one of the unforgettable Pink Floyd love songs.

Take It Back

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“Take It Back” is a song from the 1994 album The Division Bell by the world-acclaimed successful band Pink Floyd. The song has a unique vibe. It has poetic lyrics written about the woman in love taking back her words. Take It Back is one of the most popular Pink Floyd love songs.

Julia Dream

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Green Is The Colour

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Green Is The Color, composed in 1969 by the band’s famous founder and mastermind Roger Waters, is one of Pink Floyd’s first songs. The song, which can be considered in the psychedelic folk genre, has created a huge fan base both in England and America. Green Is the Colour, which also finds its place in live performances, can definitely be considered one of Pink Floyd love songs thanks to its lyrics and vibe.

San Tropez

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Obscured By Clouds

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Released in 1972, Obscured By Clouds is one of Pink Floyd’s most popular songs.  It is relatively short compared to other Pink Floyd songs. But in this short period of time, it managed to express the intense feeling of love in a good way thanks to the power of music and instruments. “Obscured By Clouds” has become one of the most popular Pink Floyd love songs.  It can still take a place in popular playlists that are still listened to today.


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Released in 1972, Obscured By Clouds album’s popular song Stay is one of the first songs that comes to mind when it comes to Pink Floyd love songs. Starting with the lyrics “stay, and help me to end the day”, the song is a call to the lover not to leave. Pink Floyd, which has a large fan community, presented an example of very well arranged keyboards and guitars in the song Stay.

Pigs on the Wing

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A Pillow Of Winds

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A Pillow of Winds, the popular song from the album Meddle, is one of the love-themed songs of the Pink Floyd legend. Although the musical background of the song seems calm and soft, it has turned into an unforgettable art work with the effect of the lyrics and guitars. This song can be considered one of the most original Pink Floyd love songs.

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