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The word yesterday is used in many songs because it also means the past. From rock to Korean pop, yesterday is used to express emotion in a wide range of songs. When it comes to songs about yesterday, firstly the popular song Yesterday by The Beatles comes to mind, but there are also different examples:

The Beatles – Yesterday

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The Beatles, a rock band formed in England in the 60s, became one of the most famous bands of the 60s and 70s. Their record sales records are still unbroken. This popular band released their famous album Help! in 1965, and the song Yesterday was very popular. Yesterday, which is still one of the songs that music lovers still listen to with admiration even today, is undoubtedly the first song that comes to mind among songs about yesterday.

Piper Rockelle – Yesterday

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Piper Rockelle is widely recognized for her successful use of social media as well as her songs. Piper Rockelle, who has millions of followers on social media and music platforms, entered the songs about yesterday list with this song. Released in 2020, the pop song was inspired by the sadness of a former romantic relationship. Piper, who is still a child, started her professional music career at a very young age.

Toni Braxton – Yesterday

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Carpenters – Only Yesterday

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The Carpenters are an American music duo. Their song Only Yesterday can be considered a classic among songs about yesterday as it was released in 1975. The song is on their successful album Horizon. It is a popular pop song about happy memories of the past. In this piece, the word yesterday refers to the past.

Boyz II Men – It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

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Hunter Hayes – Yesterday’s Song

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Hunter Hayes, one of the best representatives of American country music, released Yesterday’s Song in 2017. The song is a mix of country and pop genres. The popular song with a dramatic atmosphere about a past relationship is among the songs with yesterday in the title.

Michael Buble – Today Is Yesterday’s Tomorrow

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Matt Monro – Yesterday When I Was Young

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European artist Matt Monro released his album The Singer’s Singer in 1970 in the UK. One of the most memorable songs from the popular album was Yesterday When I Was Young. The song, which reflects the sadness about the past, is still listened to today, 50 years after its release. In 1964, with her performance in the Eurovision contest, he brought second place success to England. His all work has become a classic and is still heard on music platforms today, such as Yesterday When I Was Young. This song should undoubtedly be considered a classic among songs about yesterday.

The Carpenters – Yesterday Once More

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GLEE – Yesterday

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GLEE is an American musical TV show. In the 2009 episode Hell-O, they covered the song Yesterday. The song contains the longing of a relationship that has ended. It can be counted among songs about yesterday. In that episode, actors in Glee covered The Beatles’ beloved song Yesterday. Not only did they make the classic song loved by the new generation, but the version they sang was also very popular.

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