Songs About Explosions

Explosion is not a word we often use in daily life, but it is a concept we often see in harsh and provocative songs. It is often used as a means of expressing emotion, especially in rap songs. Here are the popular songs about explosions.

Black Eyed Peas & Anitta – eXplosion

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Popular music group Black Eyed released the song “eXplosion” with Anitta in 2019. The song, which can be considered in the hip hop genre, also contains EDM tones. While Anitta sings in Portuguese, the members of Black Eyed Peas rap in English. eXplosion is one of the most popular songs about explosions. Since it is a rap song, it has a suitable atmosphere with the concept of explosion. You will feel the harshness of the explosion concept throughout the song.

Ellie Goulding – Explosions

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Zolita – Explosion

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The young American singer has a unique approach to music. Released in 2017, Explosion is one of Zolita’s most popular songs. The song has pop and electronic music tones and is a good example of songs about explosions. The most important feature of the song may be Zolita’s unique vocals. The song, which contains the theme of empowerment, has been listened to since 2017. The word explosion is used in a good way to express emotion.

Bond – Explosive

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Kalwi & Remi – Explosion

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Explosion is a popular song from the album K&R Dance, released in 2013. The song can be considered in the electronic dance genre. It has a hard beat and a catchy melody that is listened to by many people. Explosin by Polish musicians is one of the most popular songs with explosion in the title. With all the energy of the word explosion, the song has a strong emotional expression.

Nelly Furtado – Explode

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REDZED and ELIOZIE’s song EXPLODE, which they produced together in 2019, is very popular. The song has a high energy. It is one of the best examples of the electronic dance music genre. The song has become more effective with ELIOZIE’s vocals. When it comes to songs about explosions, it is impossible not to mention this song by REDZED.

Uh Huh Her – Explode

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Cover Drive – Explode ft. Dappy

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Cover Drive is a music band from Barbados. They have achieved great success especially in the United Kingdom and many of their songs have topped the charts. Their lyrics have been highly appreciated. Released in 2012, Explode is a song produced by Cover Drive together with Dappy. It is one of the songs blended with pop and reggae tones. Dappy took over the rap parts. It has a unique style among songs about explosions.

Big Freedia – Explode

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Big Freedia was one of the founders of a new concept of rap, a musical genre unique to the New Orleans area. Big Freedia’s song Explode from their EP Just Be Free is among the songs about explosions. The song has high energy with Big Freedia’s energetic vocals. Big Freedia is an American rapper and has attracted attention with his live performances.

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