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Chaos refers to complete disorder and lack of order; an example would be seeing running of the bulls in Spain or an overcrowded locker at the end of school year. Chaos also refers to certain flows in physics that behave similarly. Here are songs about chaos.

Rich Brian – Chaos

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Brian Immanuel, more commonly known by his stage name Rich Brian, is a teenager with an incredible life story and incredible rapping skills. Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia – where he home schooled himself before self-teaching English through YouTube videos while rapping along – Rich Brian soon rose to stardom at an astounding young age.

He found his break through when discovered by 88rising, where he signed and released his debut album Amen this year with some notable collaborations including Florida rapper $not and XXXTentacion. This track is one of the most popular songs about chaos.

Mathea – Chaos

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Vendetta Mathea graces the stage like an angel – her graceful arms fluttering like feathers in the breeze – before speaking her heart, family and culture as she dances with remarkable grace. Her fluid movements, feline qualities of fluid dance movement and astonishing power were mesmerising to witness. Surya Berthomieux, Link Berthomieux and Nicolas Garsault demonstrated all forms of dance styles with ease as their physical abilities shone through.

Mathea intersperses the space with unnerving animal calls, wimpers, and deep breath. This highly original performance challenges dance’s current tendency toward being generic and predictable. This song is one of the most original songs about chaos.

Marilyn Manson – WE ARE CHAOS

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Manson stands out in a world populated by shock rockers like Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden and GG Allin as one of few artists willing to push the envelope and challenge expectations of what was acceptable behavior. From wiping himself with American flags or ripping pages from bible, Manson was constantly courting controversy to gain attention and draw in fans who idolized his work. This unforgettable song is one of the most high-energy among songs about chaos. Manson brings this same concept into play on WE ARE CHAOS, his new album.

Public Enemy – Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos

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Public Enemy made history when they released this opening track from their sophomore album with this track that revived the messages of Black Panther Party and Malcolm X. Produced by their production team known as Bomb Squad (Hank Shocklee, Keith Shocklee and Eric ‘Vietnam’ Sadler) this dense and sample-heavy track was perfect to accompany Chuck D’s outspoken political activism.

At its heart, this song featured an imagined prison break narrative reminiscent of Hank Williams or Johnny Cash stories, enhanced by an engaging Nation of Islam following dance troupe called Security of the First World and Professor Griff’s manic humor; all combined made this performance unforgettable. This successful song has one of the most emotional lyrics among songs about chaos.

Megadeth – Addicted To Chaos

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Megadeth released one of the greatest metal albums ever and achieved their breakthrough with this breakthrough album. Starting off strong, Reckoning Day contains aggressive lyrics with competent riffage while Train of Consequences boasts one hell of a guitar riff that gets people bopping around their room! Other noteworthy tracks on this album include Victory (fast and catchy) and A Tout Le Monde, featuring gorgeous guitar work and backing vocals – plus many others that made for great listening experiences!

After this initial start-off point, however, the album quickly becomes tiresome and forgettable; with one notable exception being title track Youthanasia which features heavy guitar work with melodic tones. Furthermore, Dave Mustaine appears much better as a singer here than on any of their earlier efforts. This work by Megadeth is one of the first ones that come to mind among songs about chaos.

Tate McRae – Chaotic

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McRae made her mark in 2016 as the inaugural Canadian finalist on So You Think You Can Dance and has since amassed over three billion streams on YouTube, working alongside major artists such as Khalid, Troye Sivan and Fred Again.

McRae co-wrote it with producer Greg Kurstin, known for his work with Kelly Clarkson, Maren Morris and Lily Allen. McRae recalled writing it being difficult and said it likely stands out amongst her debut album’s tracks as being especially saddening.

McRae’s lyrics explore her feelings of anxiety and self-doubt, detailing her paralyzing fear of the future. Additionally, her friendships are falling apart and longing remains for someone she once dated; ultimately she comes to accept that growing up is chaotic and must rely on herself alone for making decisions; nonetheless her honesty and vulnerability come through on this record with lovely harmonies that showcase McRae’s honesty. It is considered as one of songs about chaos.

Gedz – Chaos

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Gedz is the epitome of Belgian industrial music scene in this debut release from Gedz. Blending EBM-friendly dance rhythms with metal guitar riffs for maximum impactful hardcore electronic rock that will have your fists waving and feet stamping with enthusiasm!

Gedz may suffer from their own success: insistence on adhering to an inflexible formula may be its greatest flaw, making Conducting Chaos less unique than it could have been. Still, this album should definitely not be overlooked! Among songs about chaos, it would be impossible not to mention this song by Gedz.

Hollywood Undead – CHAOS

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Hollywood Undead is one of the best-known and critically acclaimed Nu Metal bands worldwide. Beginning with writing rap songs on MySpace before forming the band officially in 2007, each studio album by Hollywood Undead has received overwhelming acclaim both from fans and critics alike. Their genre-defying sound marries elements from hip hop, rock, and metal to form one unique musical soundscape.

Hollywood Undead’s album CHAOS is an incredible showcase of their talents, as it unifies multiple styles into an impressive whole. Songs range from hard-hitting rap-rock songs to EDM anthems before returning back to punk rock grooves – creating a cacophony of sounds sure to please both longtime followers as well as newcomers alike!

Vinnie Paz – I Am the Chaos

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After nearly a decade of silence, veteran East Coast MC and Jedi Mind Tricks frontman Paz is back with an outstanding solo effort. Produced by DJ Premier, Havoc, Stu Bangas & others), Paz shows that his talent still remains undimmed in this well-rounded collection of hard body beats and raw rhymes that spans its entire length.

Vinnie Paz remains an offensive rapper with plenty of anti-women diatribes, but has shown some growth as an artist since his last album with JMT. Paz’s lyrics are sharper and more focused, while his production is harder and grungier compared to most of his other releases.

“Pistol Opera,” with Eamon providing an eye-opening verse about respecting violence & knowing his purpose; piano trap “Invisible Ether,” featuring C-Lance warning against fun & games until all drum magazines have run out; “Winged Assassins,” featuring Boob Bronx & Ras Kass comparing their rhymes to black hand grenades; and finally the horn-laden “Mock Up on Mu.” Overall, this release from an experienced veteran of underground hip-hop.

Big Sean, Hit-Boy – Chaos

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Big Sean is one of the most celebrated rappers of his generation. After beating out Kanye West to secure a record deal with GOOD Music, he went on to release four full-lengths, three mixtapes, and two collaborative albums (his debut being Finally Famous which saw immediate success with hit singles such as ‘Move That Thang”, ‘Fallin” & “Love All”.

Big Sean recently returned with producer Hit-Boy after releasing his fifth album Detroit 2 late last year and released an EP called What You Expect. Opening with “Chaos”, Sean shows he still possesses much of his original rapping prowess that propelled him into fame in the first place.

Hit-Boy delivers another outstanding production here with his heavy yet tight bass lines, quick drum hits and all-around tempo that complement Sean’s flavorful delivery beautifully. Additionally, Hit-Boy drops several notable rhyme schemes to help spice things up even further.

It can be listed as one of the songs with chaos in the title.

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