Songs With 8 In The Title

Numbers can mean many different things in songs. Sometimes we even identify our lucky numbers through songs. Sometimes numbers tell us about the length of days and the distance of distant roads through songs. Surprisingly, many beautiful songs have “eight” in the title. Although numbers and music are related concepts, we can also see them in the names of the songs. Here are the popular songs with 8 in the title:

The Beatles – Eight Days A Week

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A popular song by the Beatles, the popular British band whose records have been selling since the 60s.  There is a documentary of the same name about the famous group, which still has many listeners today. Among songs with 8 in the title, Eight Days a Week, a Beatles song that everyone has heard, poetically refers to the day in addition to the 7 days of the week.

Jake Owen – Eight Second Ride

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American country singer Jake Owen takes us to the western towns of America with his song Eight Second Ride. Young country artist’s song is a big hit.

Billie Eilish – 8

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One of the most popular singers of recent years, Billie Eilish is still at the top of her professional music career, which she started with her brother. Her song called “8” in the best-selling album in 2019 is one of the most popular songs among songs with eight in the titles.

Eminem – 8 Mile

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Eminem, the most famous white artist in the American rap industry, has been listened to millions of times with his song 8 Mile. This popular song is probably the first song that comes to mind when you consider songs with 8 in the title. The 2002 movie of the same name was highly appreciated by fans and cinephiles.

R.E.M. – Driver 8

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In 1985, R.E.M., the famous band of the time, released the track Driver 8 and the album titled alongside it.

The Byrds – Eight Miles High

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The Byrds, an American rock band of the 60s, released Eight Miles High in 1966. It became one of the songs with eight in the title as a good example of a rock song with country melodies.

Sinead O’ Connor – 8 Good Reasons

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Irish songwriter Sinead O’ Connor’s 8 Good Reasons is one of the songs with 8 in the title that comes to mind. It is a song that offers quite pleasant moments.

Jill Scott feat Common – 8 minutes till sunrise

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This song with a poetic title was released by Common in ’99. It has been loved ever since.

Sugar Hill Gang – 8th Wonder

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Sugar Hill Gang, one of the most important representatives of R&B tones, released their song 8th Wonder in 1981, referring to the seven wonders. It  has a special place among them songs with eight in the titles

Styx – Pieces Of Eight

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Pieces of Eight, a hard song by American hard progressive rock band. Pieces of Eight is also among the songs with eight in the titles.

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