Songs With 40 In The Title

The number 40 is used in many songs in the context of being 40 years old. Sometimes lyrics are used as the past 40 years, sometimes the past 40 days. There is a wide range of songs with forty in the title, from classic pop songs to modern day rap songs.

Here are the most popular examples from different genres with songs with 40 in the title:

Johnny Cash – Forty Shades of Green

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Famous country singer Johnny Cash released his single titled Forty Shades of Green in 1961. Looking at the lyrics of the song, it is understood that it was written about the green tones that are often seen in the lands of Ireland. It is among the most popular songs with 40 in the title.

Streetlight Manifesto – Forty Days

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Streetlight Manifesto, one of the popular representatives of the Ska Punk genre, published Forty Days in 2003. It has managed to become one of the most popular songs with 40 in the title. The lyrics of the song have the theme of one’s own inner journey. Your playlist will be colorful with the high energy ska-punk sound.

U2 – 40

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The popular 80’s song “40” was released by the famous rock band U2.This unforgettable track is one of the most original songs with 40 in the title. When the lyrics are examined, it is understood that the song was inspired by Psalm 40 from the Bible. You should definitely listen to the voice of the band’s lead singer Bono.

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – 40 Day Dream

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There are also examples of songs with 40 in the title in the indie folk genre. 40 Day Dream is such a song. When the lyrics of the song are examined, it is explained that love makes people dream for 40 days. This track is a must-have track on our list of songs with 40 in the title.

Ryan Cabrera – 40 Kinds of Sadness

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You can’t skip this song among songs with 40 in the title. Released in 2008, this pop-rock song has emotional lyrics. One of Ryan Cabrera’s favorite songs. High-energy music was added to the humor and drama-filled lyrics.

Pusha T – 40 Acres

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A hip-hop example of our list of songs with 40 in the title, 40 Acres was released in 2015 by popular rap artist Pusha T. 40 Acres, which has an ambitious music video, has words about the rights of black people in America. This unique song should definitely be on our list of songs with 40 in the title.

Bob Schneider – 40 Dogs (Like Romeo and Juliet)

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Released in 2009 and an unforgettable song with drum solos, 40 Dogs establishes a metaphor between relationships and animals. It should be among the most successful songs with 40 in the title.

The Shins – 40 Mark Strasse

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One of the most popular songs of The Shins, which has released successful pieces in the indie rock genre, is 40 Mark Strasse. The song is woven with feelings of separation, love and nostalgia.

The Donnas – 40 Boys in 40 Nights

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The high-energy pop song 40 Boys in 40 Nights, released in 2002, is also on our list. It is considered among the most well-known songs with the number 40.

D12 – 40 Oz.

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Another hip-hop song is 40 Oz. is also a successful song released about hip-hop culture full of parties. D12’s unique rap song would not be skipped on our list of songs with 40 in the title.

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