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Since 16 is the age of transition from adolescence to adulthood, many artists have released songs that reference this age. From pop to country, there are countless examples of the number 16 being used in the title or lyrics. Just like songs with 15 in the title, here are the most beloved songs with 16 in the title:

Ellie Goulding – Sixteen

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The British pop singer released her song Sixteen in 2019. Ellie Goulding used the time when she was 16 as a theme in this song. This high-energy song with a heavy sense of nostalgia is the most prominent song on the Brightest Blue album. Sixteen, where you will remember the loves and friendships of youth, is among the most popular songs with 16 in the title.

Thomas Rhett – Sixteen

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Thomas Rhett, one of America’s most popular country singers, released the song Sixteen in 2017. The song is included in his popular album Life Changes. The song has emotional lyrics about the difficulties at the beginning of 16-year-old Rhett’s music career. The artist longingly reminisces about his youth full of parties. This song by Thomas Rhett is one of the most emotional among songs with sixteen in the title.

Billy Idol – Sweet Sixteen

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Billy Idol, the popular British rock artist of the 80s, is one of the first artists that comes to mind when it comes to songs with 16 in the title. The song is about the pain of a breakup. The vocal technique and the spirit of the song will take you to the atmosphere of the 80s.

Chuck Berry – Sweet Little Sixteen

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One of the most iconic rock songs by American musician Chuck Berry is Sweet Little Sixteen. With its high energy vocals and successful guitar riffs, Sweet Little Sixteen is one of the most memorable songs with 16 in the title. When the lyrics of the song are checked out, it is seen that it expresses the feelings of a young girl who loves rock and roll culture.

Dr Hook – Only Sixteen

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The popular American rock band Dr Hook released the song Only Sixteen in 1975. The song is considered one of the rock classics and the lyrics tell the story of his love for a 16-year-old girl with rock elements. This song with controversial lyrics is one of the first to come to mind among songs with 16 in the title.

Tennessee Ernie Ford – 16 Tons

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Tennessee Ernie Ford, one of the most popular country artists of the 50s, also has a memorable work among songs with 16 in the title. With the song 16 Tons, Ernie Ford expressed the harsh working conditions and workers’ rights. This song, which can be considered a country classic, is the oldest example of our list.

Neil Sedaka – Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen

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Neil Sedaka is an American musician who usually releases pop songs. He is remembered among songs with 16 in the title with Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen, one of the iconic songs of the 60s. The song’s high-energy melody was once played at all 16th birthday parties.

Ringo Starr – You’re Sixteen You’re Beautiful (And You’re Mine)

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Ringo Starr, a popular member of The Beatles, covered You’re Sixteen You’re Beautiful in 1973 in his own style. The original song was produced by the Sherman Brothers in 1960. However, Ringo Starr’s version is also known among songs with 16 in the title.

The Crests – 16 Candles

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The Crests, one of the popular R&B groups of the 50s, has a different context with the song 16 Candles than other songs with 16 in the title. The song describes the romantic relationship of two young lovers. This unique song by the American group is recognized as a doo-wop song.

B.B. King – Sweet Sixteen

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B.B. King, the most famous blues artist of all time, released Sweet Sixteen in 1960. B.B. King displayed his superior talents both on vocals and blues guitar. When the lyrics of the song are analyzed, the artist describes his love for a 16-year-old young girl. Sweet Sixteen is one of the most popular songs with 16 in the title.

Highly Suspect – 16

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Highly Suspect released the song “16”, which is very popular with 18 million streams, in 2019. We also recommend you to watch the music video of the song, which reflects a dramatic story.

Although it is an example of the hip-hop genre, Highly Suspect has created a very impressive and dramatic universe in this song. He has succeeded very well in transforming his real experiences into impressive rap songs.

This emotional song deeply touched everyone with its lyrics “It took me 16 years to find ya, 1 second to love ya, 7 years to hold ya, 1 minute to lose ya”. We have to remember again that it’s a great hip-hop song.

Baby Keem – 16

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“Baby Keem”, one of the popular hip-hop artists of recent times, released his song 16 in the autumn of 2021. Baby Keem, whose lyrics describe the financial difficulties he suffered at the age of 16, continues to release popular rap songs.

Among songs with 16 in the title, 16 is an example of the rap genre. It has been a very successful song with more than 4 million streams. You can check out Baby Keem’s other songs and discover a new rapper talent.

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