Songs With 13 In The Title

It is known that the number 13 is used in various contexts in different branches of art. However, examples of this in music are not few. It is seen that the number 13 is used in the title and lyrics of a song. Just like songs with 12 in the title, here are songs with 13 in the title with popular examples from different genres:

“13” – LANY

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LANY, one of the most popular indie pop bands of recent times, released their single “13” in 2017. The American band’s song has a very unique atmosphere. The song, in which synth-pop traces are deeply felt, is one of the most listened to songs with 13 in the title.

“Thirteen Thirtyfive” – Dillon

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German artist Dillon released the song Thirteen Thirtyfive in 2011. The popular song is on the album This Silence Kills. Different genres from electronic music to pop music are intertwined in the song. Thirteen Thirtyfive can be remembered as an example from Germany among songs with thirteen in the title.

“13 Beaches” – Lana Del Rey

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One of the most famous pop singers of all time, Lana Del Rey is known for her melancholic songs. One of them is 13 Beaches, which she released in 2017. In this song, Lana Del Rey has created a cinematic and intense emotional atmosphere that her fans are used to. 13 Beaches is one of the most popular songs with 13 in the title. You can listen to the iconic singer’s song 13 Beaches in your melancholic moments.

“Thirteen Silver Dollars” – Colter Wall

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Canadian singer Colter Wall released his song Thirteen Silver Dollars in 2017. Like typical Colter Wall songs, the song is an innovative version of traditional country music. Thirteen Silver Dollars is a popular representative of the folk and country genre among songs with 13 in the title.

“Thirteen” – Big Star

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One of the favorite rock bands of the 70s was Big Star with their original music. One of the most memorable songs of the band, which produced works not only in rock but also in the pop genre, is “Thirteen”. This song was released in 1972 and is one of the oldest songs with 13 in the title. You will like the harmony with the guitars in the song.

“13” – Allan Rayman

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Canadian musician Allan Rayman released a song called “13” in 2016. Rayman’s impressive vocal style is at the forefront of the song. This song, which combines R&B and blues well, is also one of the most popular songs with 13 in the title. “13” is the most prominent song of Allan Rayman’s 2016 album “Hotel Allan”.

“13 Steps To Nowhere” – Pantera

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Pantera uses poetic expressions like “13 Steps To Nowhere” not only in the title of their songs but also in the lyrics. The American heavy metal band released this song in 1996. One of Pantera’s most iconic songs, 13 Steps To Nowhere has the harshest atmosphere among songs with 13 in the title. It is a song that metal music lovers should definitely make time for.

“13” – Megadeth

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Megadeth, the most famous thrash metal band of all time, released the song “13” in 2011. Dave Mustaine’s unique vocals transformed the song into an impressive form. 13 has the most rebellious and chaotic atmosphere among the songs with 13 in the title. “13” is a Megadeth song familiar to fans of this genre.

“13 (There Is A Light)” – U2

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One of the most famous rock bands of all time, U2 has become recognized not only in Europe but all over the world. The band has released countless songs in the rock genre and one of their most popular songs is “13”. It is a unique U2 song with romantic themes such as hope and the potential of love.

“Thirteen Sad Farewells” – Stu Larsen

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Australian singer Stu Larsen released Thirteen Sad Farewells in 2014. Vagabond is Stu Larsen’s favorite album. His songs, which also have traces of folk music genre, are very popular. The acoustic guitar arrangements in the song make the song Thirteen Sad Farewells unforgettable. Thirteen Sad Farewells is one of the most original songs with 13 in the title. If this discovery is fun for you, you can also check out songs with 3.

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