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We’re going out to discover songs that contain the number 100. We see the number 100 used in many songs, from popular hip hop songs to Rolling Stones classics in today’s music. We have compiled for you the most popular songs with 100 in the title examples that reflect the spirit of different periods.  Here are various ones of unforgettable songs:

Five for Fighting – 100 Years

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The song 100 Years, released in 2003, has lyrics that emphasize to its listeners that time passes quickly and that moments should be appreciated. The first song on our list, 100 Years, can be considered a pop song.

It has achieved more than 70 million streams on digital music platforms. It is one of the first hits that comes to mind when songs with 100 in the title are mentioned.

The Rolling Stones – 100 Years Ago

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The Rolling Stones, one of the most popular rock bands of all time, offers the oldest example of our songs with 100 in the title l ist with their song 100 Years Ago, released in 1973. 100 Years Ago, one of the most emotional songs from their album Goats Head Soup, has lyrics and vibe focused on the perception of time passing quickly.

Crystal Waters – 100% Pure Love

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The popular energetic song of the 90s, 100% Pure Love, is one of Crystal Waters’ most popular hits. It is one of the highest energy tracks of the album called Storyteller. It is one of the softest songs on our list due to its love theme. It is one of the first things that come to mind when it comes to songs with 100 in the title.

Rick Ross – 100 Black Coffins

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There is a popular song called 100 Black Coffins in the soundtrack album of the popular movie Django Unchained. It is one of the most popular hip hop songs among the songs with 100 in the title list. The vibe of the song is very suitable for revenge-themed scenes.

AJR – 100 Bad Days

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The song 100 Bad Days, published in 2019, is one of the most popular tracks of the Neotheater album. Although the song is a popular example of the pop genre, there is an intense melancholy in its lyrics. It has become one of the most listened to songs among 100 Bad Days songs with 100 in the title.

Mac Miller – 100 Grandkids

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There are many hip-hop songs in our songs with 100 in the title list. We continue our list with the popular song 100 Grandkids, released in 2015. When the verses of the song are examined, it is realized that the difficulties and responsibilities of being an adult are explained.

N.W.A – 100 Miles and Runnin’

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The song 100 Miles and Runnin’, one of the popular hip-hop songs of the 90s, draws attention to the racism problems and police violence of the period. It is the track with the most aggressive energy in the songs with 100 in the title list.

N.W.A. honestly described the problems suffered by African Americans at the time the song was released and criticized the system by the song 100 Miles and Runnin’.

Plies – 100 Years

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Here is another hip-hop song on the songs with 100 in the title list. The song 100 Years, published by Plies in 2015, describes the problems the artist suffered. The name of the song is ironic because the artist intended to indicate that the difficult days pass longer.

Blues Traveler – 100 Years

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The song Blues Traveler in 100 Years, which is the only example of the blues genre in the songs with 100 in the title list, was released in 1990. This, just like other 100 Years songs, describes the feelings that people feel when time passes quickly.

The Game ft. Drake – 100

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His 100 songs released in 2015 are one of the most popular songs on our list. The most successful rappers of all time, Drake and The Game, released the song 100 together. When the lyrics of the song are examined more carefully, it is realized that it focuses on the difficulties that come with success and fame.

Drake has been attracting attention in the market with this song, like his other songs. Although it has not been long since famous hip hop artists released this song, the song has achieved success with more than 7 million streams. In addition, this partnership with Drake in The Game has positively affected his popularity.

Drake, one of the most popular musicians of recent times, also shot a video for this song. In the clip, Drake spends time with neighborhood members and strikingly presents the troubles of African American neighborhoods. It can be said that the clip of the song 100 is great!

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