Songs About Turtles

Immerse yourself in the whimsical world of turtles with these charming tunes. From slow and steady melodies to upbeat tunes inspired by the ocean’s depths, these songs celebrate the unique charm and resilience of these beloved creatures.

Let the music transport you to sandy shores and tranquil ponds as we embark on a musical journey through the fascinating world of turtles. Let’s get started to explore songs about turtles!

Partners In Kryme – Turtle Power

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The first and most beloved track of songs about turtles is here.”Turtle Power” by Partners In Kryme is a rap song that was featured in the soundtrack for the 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. The song’s upbeat tempo and catchy chorus celebrate the heroic antics of the crime-fighting turtles.

With its energetic vibe and nostalgic lyrics, “Turtle Power” became an iconic anthem for fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Yertle The Turtle

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“Yertle The Turtle” by Red Hot Chili Peppers is a funk rock song that appears on their 1985 album “Freaky Styley.” The song’s groovy bassline and funky guitar riffs accompany lead singer Anthony Kiedis’ charismatic vocals as he tells the story of Yertle the Turtle, a character created by Dr. Seuss.

With its lively instrumentation and playful lyrics, “Yertle The Turtle” showcases the band’s eclectic musical style and irreverent sense of humor.

The Turtles – Happy Together

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We can mention this song thanks to their name, when we seek out songs about turtles. “Happy Together” by The Turtles is a classic pop song that was released in 1967 as a single from their album of the same name. The song’s infectious melody and heartfelt lyrics express the joy and contentment of being in love.

With its memorable chorus and lush harmonies, “Happy Together” became a chart-topping hit and remains a timeless favorite on oldies radio stations.

Janis Joplin – Turtle Blues

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“Turtle Blues” by Janis Joplin is a blues rock song that appears on her 1968 album “Cheap Thrills” with Big Brother and the Holding Company. The song’s gritty vocals and soulful instrumentation convey the pain and longing of a woman who feels trapped in a turbulent relationship.

Bonecage – Song About Turtles

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“Song About Turtles” by Bonecage is a humorous and lighthearted folk song that pays tribute to turtles in various amusing scenarios. Released in 2011, the song’s whimsical lyrics and catchy melody celebrate the quirky charm of turtles while poking fun at their slow-paced lifestyle.

With its playful storytelling and cheerful instrumentation, “Song About Turtles” offers a fun and entertaining ode to these beloved reptiles.

The Presidents Of The United States Of America – Poor Turtle

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“Poor Turtle” by The Presidents Of The United States Of America is a quirky alternative rock song that humorously narrates the misadventures of a turtle trying to cross the road. Released as part of their 1995 self-titled debut album, the song’s catchy guitar riffs and playful lyrics offer a light-hearted take on the struggles of a turtle facing the dangers of urban life.

Samuel E. Wright – Under The Sea

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If you seek out the original songs about turtles, this song can be called now. “Under The Sea” by Samuel E. Wright is a lively calypso song featured in Disney’s animated film “The Little Mermaid” (1989). Voiced by Wright, who portrayed Sebastian the crab in the film, the song celebrates the vibrant underwater world and encourages listeners to embrace life beneath the waves.

With its infectious rhythm and colorful lyrics, “Under The Sea” became a beloved classic and won the Academy Award for Best Original Song.

Pinkfong – Sea Turtle

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“Sea Turtle” by Pinkfong is an educational children’s song that teaches young listeners about the life cycle and habits of sea turtles. Released as part of the popular “Baby Shark” series, the song’s catchy melody and colorful animation make learning about sea turtles fun and engaging for children. With its playful lyrics and upbeat rhythm, “Sea Turtle” is a favorite among preschoolers and parents alike.

Dr. Jean Feldman – Tiny Tim The Turtle

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“Tiny Tim The Turtle” by Dr. Jean Feldman is a charming children’s song that tells the story of a little turtle named Tiny Tim. Through catchy lyrics and a cheerful melody, the song teaches young listeners about the importance of perseverance and determination. With its simple yet memorable tune, “Tiny Tim The Turtle” has become a beloved sing-along favorite in preschools and classrooms.

BlackTerrorClan – I Like Turtles Remix

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The last track on the list of songs about turtles is here. “I Like Turtles Remix” by BlackTerrorClan is an upbeat electronic remix of the viral video featuring a young boy’s enthusiastic declaration of his love for turtles.

With its catchy beat and energetic production, the remix amplifies the infectious enthusiasm of the original video, turning it into a fun and entertaining dance track.

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