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Songs about teeth are a powerful medium for storytelling, and musicians often draw inspiration from the most unexpected places. In this article, we dive into a theme that’s not as common but undeniably intriguing: songs about teeth.

Teeth, a symbol of desire, vulnerability, and even humor, have found their place in lyrics and melodies. From Lady Gaga’s pop sensation “Teeth” to Marilyn Manson’s dark anthem “Sweet Tooth,” we’re about to explore ten songs about teeth that sink their musical fangs into the theme of teeth.

Nat King Cole – All I Want For Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth)

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It was written by Donald Yetter Gardner and originally recorded by Spike Jones and His City Slickers in 1948. This humorous and festive song became popular during the holiday season, especially among children.

Even though it is a Christmas song, it can also be counted among songs about teeth.

The song is sung from the perspective of a child who has lost their two front teeth and is wishing for them to be replaced as a Christmas gift. It’s a playful and lighthearted Christmas classic that has been covered by various artists over the years, contributing to its enduring popularity during the holiday season. Nat King Cole, a legendary vocalist, is known for his own Christmas classics, such as “The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire).”

Dave Rawlings Machine – Sweet Tooth

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“Sweet Tooth” by Dave Rawlings Machine is a folk and Americana song that, interestingly, uses the word “tooth” in the title without being specifically about dental care. Instead, the song tells a poetic and evocative story, featuring rich, metaphorical language that draws the listener into a narrative. The term “sweet tooth” here refers to a craving for something desirable, akin to a literal sweet tooth.

While it may not be a song about teeth in a dental sense, “Sweet Tooth” is a prime example of how the concept of teeth can be used metaphorically in music to explore themes of desire, longing, and human nature.

Dokken – Tooth and Nail

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“Tooth and Nail” is a quintessential 1980s rock anthem, featuring powerful guitar riffs, strong vocal performances by lead singer Don Dokken, and a catchy chorus. The song’s lyrics convey a sense of determination, struggle, and the willingness to fight for one’s goals and desires, often using metaphors like being “tooth and nail” in a battle or conflict.

The song contributed to Dokken’s success in the hard rock and heavy metal scene of the 1980s and remains a fan favorite, showcasing the band’s signature style and their ability to create memorable rock anthems.

Lady Gaga – Teeth

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One of the first songs on the list of songs about teeth is Teeth. Lady Gaga’s “Teeth” opens our exploration with a mix of sultriness and metaphor. From her “The Fame Monster” album, this pop gem takes teeth as a symbol of desire. The lyrics are bold, and Gaga’s seductive delivery adds to the intensity. ”

Teeth” is a powerful and provocative reminder of how music can play with symbolism to convey passion and yearning. The title “Teeth” serves as a symbolic core for the song, where teeth represent a form of desire. As Lady Gaga croons about her “sharp” and “dirty” teeth, she employs them as metaphors for the seductive allure that draws people in, even as it may be laced with risk and potential danger. In this, she captures the push and pull of desire, where attraction can be both irresistible and perilous.

The Maccabees – Toothpaste Kisses

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The Maccabees offer a different perspective with “Toothpaste Kisses,” a tender indie-folk song. The lyrics speak of sweet, intimate moments, comparing kisses to toothpaste. This song captures the simple and beautiful aspects of love, where even the act of sharing toothpaste kisses becomes a cherished memory.

Released in 2007 as part of their debut album, “Colour It In,” “Toothpaste Kisses” is a delicate, acoustic gem that gently transports its listeners to a world of affection and closeness. The song’s lyrics weave a narrative of sweet, everyday moments shared between two people in love, likening kisses to the simple yet intimate act of sharing toothpaste

5 Seconds of Summer – Teeth

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“Teeth” by 5 Seconds of Summer takes a rock approach to the theme. The song explores desire and longing, where “teeth” symbolize love that’s both sweet and painful. With its edgy sound and lyrics, the track conveys the complexity of intense emotions and the inevitable struggles that often come with them. It can be counted among songs about teeth.

Modest Mouse – Teeth Like God’s Shoeshine

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Modest Mouse’s “Teeth Like God’s Shoeshine” takes a grittier approach to the theme. Known for their raw and unpolished sound, the song explores a deteriorating relationship. The lyrics evoke images of decay, much like neglected and rusty teeth, creating a unique and haunting atmosphere.

Modest Mouse has to be also in our list of songs about teeth with this original track.

Marilyn Manson – Sweet Tooth

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Marilyn Manson, known for his provocative themes and dark imagery, takes a bite out of the theme with “Sweet Tooth.” This song delves into desire and obsession, with “sweet tooth” representing the insatiable cravings that drive people to their limits. It’s a reminder that music can explore the darkest corners of human emotion. It is a beloved example for songs about teeth.

Steve Vai – Teeth of the Hydra

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Steve Vai’s work is often noted for guitar virtuosity and technical mastery, so her music is often of interest to guitar enthusiasts and rock music lovers.

His song Teeth of the Hydra is a great example for songs about teeth on our list. Additionally, this song offers a great guitar concert with live recordings on the internet.

Animal As Leaders – Tooth and Claw

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“Tooth and Claw” by Animals as Leaders is an instrumental progressive metal track that does not directly relate to dental health or teeth in its lyrical content. Instead, the title, “Tooth and Claw,” is a metaphor often used to describe fierce or intense struggles, particularly in the natural world, where animals may use their teeth and claws for survival.

In this musical composition, Animals as Leaders showcases their exceptional technical and instrumental skills. The song is characterized by intricate guitar work and complex rhythms, offering a high-energy and intense listening experience, much like a metaphorical battle or struggle depicted by the term “tooth and claw.” It is a high energy song among songs about teeth.

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