Songs About Desire

Songs about desire capture the fervor, longing, and intensity that accompany passionate yearning. Spanning genres and eras, these songs delve into the complex emotions of longing for love, yearning for fulfillment, and craving the unattainable.

From soulful ballads to upbeat anthems, each melody within this thematic collection resonates with the raw and often intoxicating emotions that arise when desire ignites, unveiling the intricate layers of human longing and the pursuit of that which is elusive. Let’s explore songs about desire together!

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts – Desire

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The first song is a powerful rock track from Joan Jett & The Blackhearts’ album “Unvarnished,” released in 2013. This energetic song is characterized by its fierce guitar riffs and Jett’s signature vocals. “Desire” revolves around themes of passion, longing, and the intensity of desire.

The lyrics encapsulate the fervor and unrelenting drive that accompanies a strong yearning, presenting a raw and electric anthem celebrating the primal force of desire.

Blondie – Desire Brings Me Back

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Another example of songs about desire is a captivating track from Blondie’s album “No Exit,” released in 1999. This song blends elements of rock and new wave, featuring Debbie Harry’s distinctive vocals.

“Desire Brings Me Back” delves into the complexities of desire and its allure, exploring the pull of irresistible passions and their magnetic effect on the human psyche. The song’s lyrics delve into themes of attraction, addiction, and the irresistible nature of desire.

Björk – The Dull Flame of Desire

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The next song is a mesmerizing song from Björk’s album “Volta,” released in 2007. Known for her experimental sound, Björk collaborates with Antony Hegarty on this hauntingly beautiful track.

“The Dull Flame of Desire” captures the essence of a passionate yet subdued love affair. Through ethereal melodies and poetic lyrics, the song explores the nuances of desire, portraying a love that burns quietly but intensely.

Ghost – Life Eternal

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Among songs about desire, Life Eternal should be remembered now. This track is a compelling track from the Swedish metal band’s album “Prequelle,” released in 2018.

Ghost, known for their theatricality and dramatic sound, delivers a poignant and introspective song. “Life Eternal” reflects on mortality and the eternal quest for life beyond the physical realm. The lyrics contemplate the nature of existence and the desire for everlasting life, set against the band’s signature blend of heavy instrumentals and melodic vocals.

Anita O’Day – That Feeling In the Moonlight

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The next example is a classic jazz piece by the renowned jazz vocalist. This song, from her extensive repertoire, embodies the enchantment and romance associated with moonlit moments. Anita O’Day’s soulful rendition and the song’s mellow jazz arrangement evoke a sense of nostalgia, encapsulating the emotions and sensations one experiences in the magical ambiance of a moonlit night.

Cheryl – Live Life Now

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Another great song among songs about desire is an empowering pop anthem by the British singer Cheryl. Released in 2014, this upbeat track encourages seizing the moment and living life to the fullest.

Through its energetic beats and catchy melody, “Live Life Now” inspires listeners to embrace the present, let go of inhibitions, and celebrate every moment with enthusiasm and vigor.

The Temptations – Power

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When we consider songs about desire, Power should be listed now. This track is a soulful classic by the legendary Motown group. Released in 1980, this R&B track is a testament to resilience and the strength found within.

With its dynamic vocals and uplifting rhythm, “Power” embodies determination, encouraging individuals to harness their inner strength and overcome challenges.

Foreigner – I Don’t Want to Live Without You

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When we announce songs about desire, this song is a heartfelt rock ballad by the band Foreigner. Released in 1988, this emotionally charged song explores the profound feelings of love and the fear of losing a significant other. With its powerful vocals and poignant lyrics, “I Don’t Want to Live Without You” expresses a deep yearning and the realization of the impact a loved one has on life’s meaning and purpose.

Meg Myers – Desire

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We can add to this track on the list of songs about desire. This song is an intense and atmospheric alternative rock song by the American singer Meg Myers. Released in 2015, this track showcases Myers’ raw vocals and emotional depth.

“Desire” delves into the complexities of inner desires, exploring themes of passion, vulnerability, and the tumultuous nature of human emotions.

Leonard Cohen – Take This Longing

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The last song came from a legendary artist on the list of songs about desire. This track is a poetic and introspective song by the iconic singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen. Featured on his 1974 album “New Skin for the Old Ceremony,” this track delves into the intricacies of longing and desire.

With Cohen’s distinctive voice and evocative lyrics, “Take This Longing” captures the essence of yearning, contemplation, and the complexities of human emotions in relationships.

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