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Harry Potter, one of the most widely loved book series of all time, has been recognized by the whole world with the movie series of the same name. The films were a huge commercial success at the box office. Harry Potter has been loved all over the world and its characters have become well-known by everyone.

One of the factors that make the movies so special is the songs featured in the series. Some songs have achieved widespread fame after the release of the movies. Some of the songs we have listed were used in unforgettable scenes of the Harry Potter series, while some of them contain themes of this magical world even though they are not in the movies. Here are the most loved songs about Harry Potter:

O Children – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

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Nick Cave’s unique song O’ Children, which was featured in the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, is one of the first songs about Harry Potter that comes to mind. This song, which he released together with the music group The Bad Seed, was very loved in the movie. With the success of the Harry Potter series, O’ Children also gained widespread popularity. Released in 2004, this song is still being listened to a lot on digital music platforms today.

Hedwig’s Theme – John Williams

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The most iconic song on the soundtrack albums of the Harry Potter films is Hedwig’s Theme by the famous composer and producer John Williams. This song has been the main theme song for almost all the films in the series. It has been used in many contexts after the movie and has become the indispensable background music for Harry Potter references. Released in 2001, this unique piece has become one of the most popular movie soundtracks of all time. This song, which is especially well-known to Harry Potter fans, is among the most memorable songs about Harry Potter.

Made To Be A Gryffindor – The Nifflers

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Made To Be A Gryffindor is a song about the famous Gryffindor at Hogwarts in the Harry Potter series. Made To Be A Gryffindor by The Nifflers is one of the most beloved songs about Harry Potter, releasing songs in the Wizard Rock genre, a subgenre that Harry Potter fans absolutely love. Wizard Rock is a subgenre dedicated to songs set in the Harry Potter universe.

Do the Hippogriff – Jarvis Cocker

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Do the hippogriff is one of the most memorable songs from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, one of the most acclaimed films in the popular series. The song, which plays during the Yule Ball scene, one of the iconic scenes of the movie, is loved by all Harry Potter fans. Do the Hippogriff, one of the most searched songs by Harry Potter fans after the release of the movie, is among the most favorite songs about Harry Potter.

Double Trouble – John Williams

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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, one of the most acclaimed films of the series, was released in 2004. One of the songs performed by the choir in the unforgettable choir scene of this movie is a John Williams composition called Double Trouble. The song made a great impact on the ambience of the scene. It may be considered one of the factors that made Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the beloved movie of this series, so impressive. it should definitely be on our list of songs about Harry Potter.

Magic Works – The Weird Sisters

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In the 2005 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Soundtrack album, one of the most iconic songs from the movie is Magic Works. The Weird Sisters actually referee the characters in this movie. Magic Works, one of the memorable songs played in the Yule Ball scene, has an interesting vibe. It is among the most impressive songs about Harry Potter.

Snape vs. Snape – Ministry of Magic

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One of the favorite examples of the Wizard rock genre is the song Snape vs. Snape. This song by the music group Ministry of Magic brings rock fans and Harry Potter fans closer. It is known that the Snapes in the lyrics of the hilarious song refer to Severus Snape from the Harry Potter series.

The House of Slytherin – RiddleTM

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Released in 2018 as a single, The House of Slytherin is one of the most well-loved songs by American musician RiddleTM. The song has traces of the hip-hop genre. When we look at the lyrics, it refers to the dark sides of Hogwarts, the unforgettable school where the stories of the Harry Potter movies take place. Among the songs about Harry Potter, The House of Slytherin should not be forgotten.

I Believe in Nargles- The Whomping Willows

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I Believe in Nargles is one of the most well-known songs in the wizard rock genre. The name Nargles comes from the name of a creature from the Harry Potter universe. . There are also versions of the song performed by The Nifflers and Tonks and the Aurors. It is one of the most energetic songs about Harry Potter.

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