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The concept of gluttony is a kind of insult used in some lyrics to express the feeling of hatred towards the partner. Gluttony is not liked in most cultures. It is attributed as one of the 7 deadly sins in many religions or beliefs. It is expressed in books or songs how bad this attitude is. Here are songs about gluttony with examples of different genres:

Buckcherry- Gluttony

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Founded in the 90s, the rock band Buckcherry have also continued their professional rock music career in the 2010s. They also released the song Gluttony in their 2013 album Confessions. This song mentions gluttony, which is considered to be one of the known loving deadly sins in Christianity, and is named after this reference. This song, which is one of the best examples of the hard rock genre, is among the bold songs about gluttony.

Fat Boys – All you can eat

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Fat Boys’ song All You Can Eat, which we can see in the song of the band’s irony, may be one of the most entertaining songs about gluttony. The hip-hop trio formed in the 80s released this song in 1985. Unlike other examples in the hip-hop genre, the dose of anger in this song is quite low. The Fat Boys, the creator of songs in which dance and entertainment themes are intensely felt, takes a more moderate and mocking approach to gluttony, one of the seven major sins, in this song.


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$UICIDEBOY$ is a popular rap duo with such an interesting name. The band, which was founded in 2014, has literally rebellious songs. The album I Want to Die in New Orleans, released in 2018, was appreciated by all hip-hop industry elements. One of the songs of the album, which has a dark and melancholic atmosphere, is GLUTTONY. The song focuses on gluttony which is one of the 7 major sins. This rap song is one of the most original songs with gluttony in the title as an example of the rap genre.

Jimmy Buffett – Cheeseburger In Paradise

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Jimmy Buffett is the famous creator of funny songs. He has countless classic beach-themed songs. His song Cheeseburger In Paradise, published in 1978, is one of the funny songs about gluttony thanks to the highest dose of entertainment. The song, which can be considered in the rock genre, has very funny lyrics and musical background.

Shreea Kaul – Gluttony

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Shreea Kaul, one of the popular names of alternative music, released her song Gluttony in 2020. Focusing on the addiction theme in this alternative rock song can be counted among songs about gluttony. Like this song and the other songs on the Blurred Visions album contain beloved indie rock elements.

Freddie Dredd – Gluttony

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It is a known fact that one of the most successful rappers in the popular music industry is Freddie Dredd. Dredd’s song Gluttony, released in 2020, deals with dark topics such as violence and addiction. We should count this rap song, which has this unique atmosphere, among the songs about gluttony.

Tom Waits – Eggs and Sausage

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We can remember this song when we consider songs about gluttony. This song is from Tom Waits’ album “Nighthawks at the Diner,” released in 1975. Known for its storytelling and Waits’ distinctive gravelly voice, the track paints a vivid picture of a late-night diner scene, capturing the ambiance and characters while expressing a unique narrative style that’s characteristic of Waits’ music.

“Eggs and Sausage” is renowned for its storytelling style, where Waits paints a vivid picture of a night out in a diner, describing the characters and scenes with his distinctive gravelly voice. The song captures the essence of a nocturnal urban landscape, creating a poetic and atmospheric narrative around the people and interactions in a diner late at night.

Johnny Cash – Suppertime

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Here is another country classic can be counted among songs about gluttony. This song is from Johnny Cash’s album “My Mother’s Hymn Book,” released posthumously in 2004. “Suppertime” is a gospel song that reflects on the spiritual longing for reunion and communion.

Johnny Cash’s deep, emotive vocals deliver a heartfelt performance, expressing themes of faith and the anticipation of sharing a meal in the afterlife.

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