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The relation between the color orange and music is really fascinating when you look a little closer.  With vibrant album covers that catch our eye and lyrics that refer to shades of orange, orange is woven into the fabric of music. This warm and high-energy color has found its way into many songs. Here are the most beloved Songs About Orange.

Zach Bryan – Something In The Orange

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Zach Bryan began his music career by posting videos to YouTube. His song Something in Orange stands out as an excellent blend of country music storytelling that incorporates new techniques with old school style.

This love ballad contains emotive lyrics about mourning someone close to us who has passed on, with the singer imploring her not to leave while empathizing with how lost she will feel without him.

Zach Bryan, originally from Oklahoma, rose to country music prominence by posting his first songs online via YouTube in 2017. Receiving overwhelming positive responses, he released both DeAnn – dedicated to his mother – and Elisabeth (about all his loves) albums later that same year. Here also some Zach Bryan love songs. “Something in the Orange” became his breakout hit and propelled him to the top of Billboard’s Emerging Artists chart. Additionally, “Something in the Orange” marked his entry into the Billboard Hot Country Songs top 10 chart, lasting 38 weeks there and tied with “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals for second longest climb ever. Since its release, “Something in the Orange” has garnered multiple accolades including multiple Grammy nominations.

Melanie Martinez – Orange Juice

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Melanie Martinez recently returned from a four year hiatus to release her sophomore album and accompanying film K-12, featuring songs that tackle issues that children face as they grow, such as bullying, social expectations and body image issues. It is evident that Melanie put all her heart and soul into this project.

Her production techniques such as sonic identities and complex structures help authenticate her lyrics, as can be seen in Drama Club. She internally rhymes “hair/nowhere”, using slow vocalization to convey her desire for less drama in life.  She will be remembered all the time with this track that is one of the most popular Songs About Orange.

R.E.M. – Orange Crush

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Orange crushes are the ultimate summer cocktail. Perfect for hot days or barbecue cookouts. R.E.M. has successfully used this concept in their song. This song’s lyrics revolve around this cocktail’s energy. This work by R.E.M. is one of the first ones that come to mind among Songs About Orange.

Megan Moroney – Tennessee Orange

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Megan Moroney burst onto the country music scene in 2022 with her infectiously endearing football-themed love song, Tennessee Orange. The Georgia-native’s song tells a tale of two opposing supporters from opposing teams, such as Georgia Bulldogs vs Tennessee Vols; she quickly garnered many theories as to who it might be written about and generated great enthusiasm among listeners and critics alike. This song is one of the most original Songs About Orange.

Nat King Cole – Orange Colored Sky

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Pete Rugolo’s arrangement, originally recorded as Nat Cole and the Stan Kenton Orchestra’s sole collaboration, features both his mellow vocals and their band’s screaming brass interjections. After beginning with a brief trio intro that trades between trumpets and trombones over melody for several measures before unleashing into an explosive shout chorus at measure 53, towards the end of side one the trombones get an opportunity to showcase an ascending riff that goes from quiet to loud in no time – as well as some room for improvisation at measure 75! This unforgettable song is one of the most high-energy among Songs About Orange.

Headhunterz – Orange Heart

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Willem Rebergen, better known by his stage name Headhunterz, has played an enormous role in shaping hardstyle music over the past ten years. Through his tracks and remixes as part of Project One alongside Wildstylez he helped hard dance music become an international craze.

Headhunterz has long been one of the go-to acts in electronic music and is a crowd favourite at large festivals like Qlimax, Defqon.1 and Decibel Outdoor. Though exploring various facets of hardstyle genre with collaborations from Steve Aoki, W&W and Krewella; Headhunterz remains true to hardstyle roots in his performance style. Orange Heart can be remembered as an example of songs about orange from Headhunterz.

Johnny Cash – Orange Blossom Special

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“Orange Blossom Special” is an iconic American folk song made popular by Johnny Cash. This fast-paced instrumental track features lively fiddle and banjo riffs and its upbeat tempo makes it perfect for country music fans. The title refers to Florida’s Orange Blossom Special train which operated during its inaugural run during the early 20th century. Among Songs About Orange, it would be impossible not to mention this song by Johnny Cash. Here are other Johnny cash love songs.

Erykah Badu – Orange Moon

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The orange moon, often referred to as harvest moon or hunter’s moon, occurs in late summer due to color-filtering effects in Earth’s atmosphere and has long held spiritual significance for many cultures across the world. Erykah Badu can achieve this perception of the Orange Moon in his song of the same name. This successful song has one of the most emotional lyrics among Songs About Orange.

Gilbert Becaud – L’Orange

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Gilbert Becaud’s classic chanson is still captivating listeners years after its initial release. Becaud’s silky vocals and orchestral arrangement create an intimate environment, as melancholic lyrics paint an emotional portrait of an unrequited love gone away, leaving its legacy. Listeners continue to be moved by this timeless classic “L’Orange” from France!

Rainbow Kitten Surprise – Moody Orange

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Rainbow Kitten Surprise is an American indie rock band known for their incomparable voice and captivating live shows. “Moody Orange.””Moody Orange” is a stunning track that showcases the band’s musical prowess. It begins with a relaxed acoustic guitar riff and gradually builds into a lively, energetic chorus. The soulful vocals of Sam Melo provide introspective and emotional lyrics, adding depth to the overall mood of the song. It is considered as one of Songs About Orange.

Love – Orange Skies

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Another great song that can be counted on our playlist. Released in 1966 as part of Love’s self-titled debut album, “Orange Skies” is a psychedelic rock song that reflects the band’s eclectic style. Love, led by Arthur Lee, was a pioneering force in the Los Angeles music scene during the 1960s. “Orange Skies” captures the essence of the psychedelic era with its dreamy and atmospheric sound.

The lyrics evoke a sense of wonder and introspection, painting vivid images of orange skies and exploring themes of love and existential contemplation. The song showcases Love’s ability to blend folk, rock, and psychedelic elements into a unique and influential musical expression.

Julia Michaels – Orange Magic

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Julia Michaels is a singer and songwriter known for her contributions to the pop music scene, co-writing hits for various artists before stepping into her solo career. You can also listen to this track on Youtube. This original song of hers should be announced on the list of songs about orange. If you have not heard this track before, we can suggest it for your all moods daily.

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