Songs About Abortion

Abortion is still one of the controversial issues for many countries. We see lyrics about abortion in some songs as well as in the discourses of communities that defend women’s rights. Here are the songs about abortion with examples from different genres and artists:

Eminem – River

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Eminem is one of the most famous names in the American rap music industry. Many of the songs of the artist, whose albums broke sales records, are listened to millions of times on digital platforms. The word abortion is used in the rap verses of the song River, released by the Grammy-winning rapper in 2018. Although not directly abortion themed, it is one of the most popular songs about abortion. The successful rapper has reserved a place in his songs with his style and libertarian attitude contrary to the topics discussed like abortion. “Didn’t really wanna abort, but fuck it. What’s one more lie, to tell our unborn child?” He boldly used these lyrics.

Kenny Chesney – There Goes My Life

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Kenny Chesney, the beloved name of American country music, has been pursuing his music career for many years. Kenny Chesney has released more than 20 albums. He released his album When the Sun Goes Down with the song There Goes My Life in 2004. Chesney in the song tells the story of a man who unexpectedly becomes a father. There Goes My Life is counted among one of the country classics songs about abortion.

Whitney Houston – Miracle

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Fleetwood Mac – Sara

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The rock band Fleetwood Mac Sara, founded in the late 60s, released their song in 1979. When we look at the lyrics of the popular song, we realize that it has sad lyrics. The song is one of the popular rock classics among songs about abortion. Sara is a woman who is a friend of the band members, and the song tells the story of her abortion.

The Verve Pipe – The Freshmen

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Ben Folds Five – Brick

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One of the bands that joined the alternative rock movement of the 90s is the Ben Folds Five. The song Brick, which they included in their album Whatever and Ever Amen, was released in 1997. The popular song directly deals with the subject of abortion. The Brick song with these bold lyrics should be counted among the songs about abortion.

Nicki Minaj – All Things Go

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Lecrae – Good, Bad, Ugly

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Lecrae is one of the popular rappers of recent times. He managed to be among the songs about abortion with the song Good, Bad, Ugly, which he published on his album Anomaly. The American artist Lecrae has a very brave attitude in this song, which he references to a Hollywood movie, as in other elements of hip-hop culture.

Skillet – Lucy

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Kellie Coffey – I Would Die For That

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Kellie Coffey, one of the creators of American country music, released her song I Would Die For That in 2002. In the lyrics of the song, the story of a woman who had to have a child due to the subject of abortion is told. This emotionally high-dose country song can be counted among the unforgettable songs about abortion.

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