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In some songs, fruits or vegetables are used as themes. To make the meaning of the lyrics more expressive, sometimes songwriters or singers benefit from popular fruits such as lemon in their lyrics. There are examples of songs about lemon by various artists producing different genres of music. Here are some of them:

N.E.R.D & Rihanna – Lemon

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Rihanna, one of the world’s most famous pop singers, released a song with N.E.R.D. in 2017. Lemon, one of the most popular songs of the album No One Ever Really Dies, contains very confident lyrics. It is a fun song where hip-hop and electronic music genres are intertwined. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular songs about lemon. Founded in 1999, the funk rock band N.E.R.D. usually produces a different music approach than Rihanna, but they collaborated on this song. The popular pop singer Rihanna managed to take the song to the next level thanks to her superior vocal skills.

Internet Money – Lemonade

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The band Internet Money released their album B4 The Storm in 2020. They used B4 as an abbreviation for the word “before”. One of the favorite energetic songs of this album is Lemonade. The song is about being able to enjoy life. It is a rap song recorded over a great beat. Lemonade is one of the most original examples of songs about lemon. The popular rap song contains protest lyrics about living a lavish lifestyle.

Fools Garden – Lemon Tree

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“Lemon Tree” song released by the band Fools Garden in 1995 is one of the most popular songs about lemon. “Lemon Tree” from the Dish of the Day album deals with the theme of loneliness. Emotional lyrics are embellished with acoustic guitar and piano. When you listen to this song after a long and tiring day, it will make you feel relaxed as  you are lying in the shade of a lemon tree.

Kenshi Yonezu – Lemon

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Tyler, The Creator – LEMONHEAD

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In 2021, a young rapper named “Tyler, The Creator” released an album called CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST. This album was very popular with his fans. One of the good examples of the rap genre, the song LEMONHEAD from this album is about Tyler’s music career. It is one of the most entertaining songs with lemon in the title.

Alexandra Stan – Lemonade

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Alexandra Stan, the creator of upbeat songs, released the fun song Lemonade in 2016. With this song, she explored the theme of women’s independence. Lemonade is not only a good dance song but also has a pro-women’s rights attitude with its lyrics. It is one of the songs about lemon with high energy.

yurisa – lemon

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Conway the Machine – Lemon

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The successful musician Conway the Machine released an album with an original title in 2020: From King to a GOD. The song Lemon from this album can be counted among the songs about lemon. The song tells the story of how the artist struggled with the difficulties in his music career. The song has a melancholic beat and is counted as an example of the hip-hop genre.

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