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Broccoli is a vegetable that some people don’t like at all, while others consider it a must for a healthy life. This useful vegetable appears in different types of songs in different contexts. Broccoli has a place in especially hip-hop slang. Here are some liked songs about broccoli:

Super Simple Songs – Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream?

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Super Simple Songs is a music ensemble that produces children’s songs. Super Simple Learning, which usually has educational songs, produces content with the aim of teaching children the English language. This entertaining song Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream? was released to teach children some basic vocabulary about vegetables and food. This educational and fun interactive song is in songs with broccoli in the title.

DRAM – Broccoli feat. Lil Yachty

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American hip-hop artist DRAM released the song Broccoli in 2016. They created the song together with the famous musician Lil Yachty. Broccoli, one of the successful examples in the music industry, managed to stay on the charts for a long time. We can say that the song is a good example of the rap genre. On the other hand, when the lyrics are reviewed, it is seen that there are elements of hip-hop culture such as parties and smoking. Broccoli is often used metaphorically in these contexts, especially by rappers. For this reason, this song should be counted among the most punk songs about broccoli.

D Billions – Broccoli Bro

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In 2020, as the whole world entered the pandemic process, Nigerian rapper D Billions released his song Broccoli Bro. When we listen to the song, we may not understand anything because it is written in Yoruba, but it can be said to be enjoyable. With lyrics inspired by the artist’s personal career, Broccoli Bro has become one of the most popular songs about broccoli.

Rocket Surgeons – Broccoli

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Released in 2014, the rock band Rocket Surgeons should also be remembered among the songs about broccoli. The guitar riffs played by highly skilled musicians in the song are unforgettable. It is one of the American band’s favorite songs. As in other examples, the word broccoli is used metaphorically in this song to refer to drugs, parties and nightlife.

GPF x Riot Shift – Broccoli Fuck

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The duo GPF and Riot Shift are famous DJs from the Netherlands and they produce music together from time to time. They usually release hardstyle songs and one of their most memorable songs is Broccoli Fuck. In this song, broccoli is used metaphorically to mean drugs. Broccoli Fuck is one of the most authentic songs about broccoli.

E-40 – Broccoli

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The American rapper released the song E-40 in 2016. In the lyrics of this song, E-40 talks about the struggles and parties in his rap career. Likewise, the word broccoli is used metaphorically. This song of the rebel rapper has become one of the most harsh songs about broccoli.

Coil – Broccoli

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McFly – Broccoli

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The British band McFly has produced countless hit songs. One of these successful songs is Broccoli. They released this song in 2021. This song, which can still be considered new, has a very catchy melody. Broccoli, which has influences from the rock and pop genre, has entered the list of favorite songs about broccoli.

Shimmy Gng – Broccoli

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Kitty, Daisy & Lewis – Broccoli Tempura

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This song with the original title Broccoli Tempura was released by the British band Kitty, Daisy & Lewis. The song has an interesting theme with unique shades of blues and rock genres. In the lyrics of this song, the performers celebrate Japanese cuisine. This track is one of the rare songs in which broccoli is used in its first meaning among songs about broccoli.

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