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Bananas are used thematically in many songs. Songs containing the word banana are sometimes seen in popular examples of the Rock genre and sometimes in high-energy pop songs. If you want to explore our list of songs about bananas, we must say that we have compiled the best examples for you. Here are the most popular banana songs with examples from the past and modern examples:

Jack Johnson – “Banana Pancakes”

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American singer Jack Johnson released this song in 2006. This song is mostly inspired by soft rock and acoustic pop genres. The song Banana Pancakes brought the artist great commercial success. One of the most popular songs of the time, “banana pancakes” should definitely be on our list of songs about bananas!

Harry Belafonte- “Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)”

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Day-O, also known as The Banana Boat Song, is a traditional Jamaican seal song. The song can also be evaluated in the calypso music genre, which is a special genre. When we examine the lyrics of the song, we see that the problems of black people who have problems with the injustices in life are honestly explained. When these honest lyrics are combined with an original musical infrastructure, a great song emerges. This original song should be at the top of our list of songs about bananas.

Die Antwoord – “Banana Brain”

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We continue our list with the song Banana Brain by South African music duo Die Antwoord. This song is one of the most original songs on our list. Because the original musical talent of the Die Antwoord duo is at the forefront in this song. If you want to listen to an original rap song on your songs about banana list, you should definitely add this song with traditional touches to your playlists.

The Dickies – “Banana Splits”

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We are on a song on our list that was released in the 60s. The Dickies’ song Banana Splits was actually used in a children’s television program. The original recordings were a commercial success in the 1960s. It is a must-have on the songs about banana list.

D billions Kids Songs – “Banana”

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Banana song of D billions Kids Songs channel, which publishes entertaining children’s songs that are followed with admiration by hundreds of thousands of people on digital music platforms, should definitely be on our list. With his songs called Banana, he teaches children about banana fruit and meanwhile offers them the opportunity to dance with their families. This fun song should be high on the songs about banana list. In addition, this is the song that has reached the highest number of streams on the songs about banana list, with more than 500 million streams.

Raffi – Banana Phone

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Although Banana Phone, released by the artist Rafi, actually has a melancholic story, it is a song that children love and immediately sing by heart due to its entertaining rhythm. If you are looking for an original song on the songs about banana list, Raffi’s song Banana Phone should definitely be at the top. When you listen to it, you may think that this is a children’s song, but when you look at the lyrics, it is clearly obvious that it is not a children’s song.

The Banana Rap Song – Bana Nah Nah Nah

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Here’s one of the most entertaining songs on our list: Bana Nah Nah Nah. This song with a long name may actually be a kind of comedy content. This song, released by an Australian children’s band, was published to teach children about banana fruit. Children who listen to this song with their family members will not only learn what banana fruit is, but also will not be able to stop dancing with the fun animated clip.

Hoosier Hot Shots – I Like Bananas (Because They Have No Bones)

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Here is one of the oldest songs on our list: I Like Bananas by Hoosier Hot Shots. It was recorded in the 1930s. With its comedy elements and jazz rhythms, this song is loved and listened to even after years. I Like Bananas should definitely be on our songs about banana list.

Miguel – Banana Clip

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The song that will give you a truly wonderful Summer Evening vibe with its original musical background and R&B style breezes is Miguel’s song Banana Clip. It is one of the best songs about banana.

Conkarah feat. Shaggy – Banana

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The song Banana by the Jamaican reggae artist, which has reached approximately 70 million streams, has become very popular. Although the song was released in 2019, it is actually a new version of Harry Belafonte’s song Day-O, which was at the top of our list and was published in 1956. Banana should definitely be remembered in our list of songs about banana.

Radiohead – Banana Co

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It is a great example of songs about bananas. “Banana Co.” is a B-side track that was released as part of the single for “Street Spirit (Fade Out),” from Radiohead’s album “The Bends,” which was released in 1995. It’s a less well-known song compared to some of Radiohead’s more popular tracks but is appreciated by fans for its unique sound and style.

Onision – I’m a Banana

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Here is an original example from our list now. “I’m a Banana” is a song and internet meme created by YouTuber Onision, also known as Gregory Jackson. The song gained popularity on YouTube around the late 2000s and early 2010s. It features Onision wearing a banana suit and singing a catchy, repetitive tune with humorous lyrics about being a banana.

The video went viral due to its absurdity and catchiness, and it became a meme within online communities. While it gained attention and garnered millions of views, it’s also important to note that Onision has been a controversial figure on the internet, with various controversies surrounding his behavior and actions over the years.

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