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Our list of songs about owls form a captivating tapestry within the realm of music, drawing inspiration from the nocturnal, enigmatic birds that have long fascinated humanity. Spanning across genres and eras, these songs evoke the mystique and symbolism associated with owls.

From haunting melodies that echo the creatures’ silent flight to lyrical explorations of wisdom, solitude, and the night, these compositions paint vivid sonic portraits of the owl’s allure. Let’s explore these great examples can be listed among songs about owls:

Cypress Hill – Spark Another Owl

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If you seek out the songs about owls ,this track can be remembered first. Cypress Hill’s Spark Another Owl is a track from their second studio album, Black Sunday, released in 1993. Known for their fusion of hip-hop and distinctive West Coast rap style, Cypress Hill explores themes of counterculture, marijuana advocacy, and social commentary in their music.

Spark Another Owl reflects the group’s penchant for weaving clever wordplay and their laid-back yet impactful delivery, inviting listeners into their world of introspection and societal critique. It can be remembered with this catchy chorus:

Do you wanna spark another owl? (Smoke another owl)
Do you wanna spark another owl? (Smoke another owl)

Dead Kennedys – I Am The Owl

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We can continue with I am the Owl now. Dead Kennedys, the influential punk rock band, released I Am The Owl on their album Plastic Surgery Disasters in 1982. Renowned for their politically charged and satirical lyrics, the song confronts issues of government surveillance, censorship, and societal control.

With its aggressive sound and confrontational lyrics, I Am The Owl stands as a powerful anthem critiquing authority and the erosion of personal freedoms.

Burl Ives – Two Little Owls

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The other great example of songs about owls  came from Burl Ives. Two Little Owls is a whimsical children’s song featured on the album Animal Fair, dating back to 1950. Renowned for his soothing voice and folk music contributions, Ives presents a delightful narrative through music, captivating young audiences with playful lyrics and melodic charm.

Two Little Owls invites children into a musical journey, celebrating innocence and the joys of storytelling through enchanting tunes. It begins with these strange lyrics:

Too-hoo, too-hoo, too-hoo, too-hoo
Two little owls in a row, row, row
In the bow of a great big tree
And they felt just as happy, and they looked just as happy
As any little owls could be, be, be
As any little owls could be

Little River Band – The Night Owls

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Here is another example. The Little River Band’s The Night Owls hail from their album Time Exposure, released in 1981. This soft rock ballad captures the essence of nighttime escapades and the allure of staying up late. With its smooth harmonies and mellow vibes, the song conveys a sense of nostalgia and romanticism, painting a picture of the nocturnal world and the emotions that accompany it.

The Little River Band (LRB) is an Australian rock band that emerged onto the music scene in the 1970s. Known for their catchy melodies, harmonious vocals, and polished musicianship, they gained international recognition and success, particularly during the late ’70s and early ’80s.

Zenon & Isaac – Owls

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We can continue our list of songs about owls with a great song. Owls by Zenon & Isaac is a vibrant electronic track released in 2020, emblematic of the duo’s innovative style within the EDM genre. Drawing inspiration from the mysterious and nocturnal nature of owls, the song incorporates pulsating beats, ethereal melodies, and hypnotic rhythms.

Owls immerses listeners in a sonic landscape, evoking a sense of wonder and exhilaration while exploring the depths of electronic soundscapes.

Dick Dale – Night Owl

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Night Owl is a compelling instrumental piece by Dick Dale, the King of Surf Guitar, featured on his album Tribal Thunder released in 1993. Known for pioneering surf rock and influencing generations of guitarists, Dale showcases his signature reverb-drenched guitar sound in Night Owl.

The track embodies his energetic and frenetic playing style, creating an electrifying sonic journey that captures the essence of late-night adventures and the thrill of the unknown.

Ma Rainey – Black Cat Hoot Owl

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Black Cat Hoot Owl can be announced when we consider songs about owls . Ma Rainey’s Black Cat Hoot Owl is a blues classic recorded in 1926, highlighting Rainey’s powerful vocals and storytelling prowess. A pioneer of the blues genre, Ma Rainey’s song is featured in the compilation Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, reflecting the era’s themes of folklore and superstitions.

Through raw emotion and vivid imagery, Rainey weaves a tale of mystery, superstition, and the intriguing symbolism of the nocturnal black cat and hoot owl.

Clogs ft Shara Worden – The Owl of Love

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The next song on our list is really original. The Owl of Love is a hauntingly beautiful track by Clogs featuring the mesmerizing vocals of Shara Worden, found on the album Lantern released in 2006. Clogs, known for their experimental chamber music, create a mesmerizing soundscape in The Owl of Love, blending intricate instrumentation with Worden’s ethereal voice.

The song explores themes of love, longing, and introspection, enveloping listeners in a dreamlike atmosphere evoking emotions of both melancholy and tenderness.

Eleanor Friedberger – Owl’s Head Park

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It is one of the new examples among songs about owls . Eleanor Friedberger’s Owl’s Head Park is a reflective indie-pop gem from her solo album Rebound, released in 2018. The song pays homage to a park in Brooklyn, New York, capturing Friedberger’s nostalgic journey and personal experiences.

With its catchy melodies and introspective lyrics, Owl’s Head Park narrates tales of memories, growth, and the ever-evolving landscapes of life.

Andre Nickatina – Awake Like an Owl

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If you seek out the great examples of songs about owls, here is the great choice.  Andre Nickatina’s Awake Like an Owl is a track from his album I Hate You with a Passion, released in 1995. A prominent figure in West Coast rap, Nickatina’s song delves into themes of vigilance, staying alert, and navigating the streets with a sharp focus.

With his distinctive flow and gritty storytelling, Awake Like an Owl portrays a vivid picture of street life, cautionary tales, and the need to remain aware amidst adversity.

Canned Heat – An Owl Song

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We should not skip this track among songs about owls . An Owl Song is a captivating folk rock tune by Canned Heat, featured on their album Living the Blues released in 1968. Known for their blues-infused rock sound, Canned Heat delivers a soulful and introspective piece with An Owl Song.

The song carries a melancholic yet mesmerizing melody, reflecting on themes of solitude, introspection, and the mysterious symbolism associated with the nocturnal owl. Here is the lyrics of this original song:

What would you think of me?
I’m gonna tell you that I love you
And maybe then we’ll see

Carly Simon – Night Owl

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Carly Simon’s Night Owl is a soulful track from her album No Secrets, released in 1972. Renowned for her emotive vocals and introspective songwriting, Simon’s Night Owl embodies a sense of late-night contemplation and romantic yearning.

With its smooth melodies and evocative lyrics, the song captures the essence of intimacy, vulnerability, and the allure of nighttime encounters.  This song start with these lyrics:

A catfish he tends to groove on the water
It’s just where he’s bound to be
And a monkey kind of flashes on fruits and bananas…”

Death and Vanilla – California Owls

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The other song on our list came from Death and Vanilla. California Owls by Death and Vanilla is an ethereal and dreamy piece from their album California Owls EP, released in 2015. The Swedish psychedelic pop band creates a mesmerizing sonic landscape with this song, intertwining haunting melodies and hypnotic rhythms.

California Owls immerses listeners in a surreal musical journey, evoking a sense of otherworldliness and mystery inspired by the enigmatic nature of owls.

Be there when they call you
Words that will persuade you
California Owls
Flying away today

Agnes Obel – Parliament of Owls

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Agnes Obel’s Parliament of Owls is a hauntingly beautiful instrumental composition featured on her album Citizen of Glass, released in 2016. Known for her captivating piano-driven compositions and haunting melodies, Obel’s Parliament of Owls is an atmospheric piece that transports listeners into a realm of dark enchantment and contemplation.

The song paints a sonic portrait of the nocturnal creatures, capturing their mystique and grace.

Cosmo Sheldrake – Owl Song

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Here is the last song of our list of songs about owls. Owl Song by Cosmo Sheldrake is a whimsical and eclectic track that celebrates the natural world and its diverse soundscape. Released as a single in 2017, Sheldrake’s unconventional approach to music creation incorporates field recordings, unconventional instruments, and intricate vocal layering.

Owl Song is a playful yet intricate composition that pays homage to the captivating presence and distinct hoots of owls, blending folk elements with experimental soundscapes.

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