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Have you ever thought that songs about mango were released before? There are dozens of songs about mango examples in different styles and years. As a mango energy storage fruit, let’s see if it can up energy in the songs.Here are the most popular songs about mango with various samples from the new and older times.

Super Junior – Mango

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Super Junior’s Mango song, released in 2023, is the newest song among the songs about mango list. The K-Pop genre has become popular in recent years. Super Junior is also one of the reasons for this popularity. You won’t be able to stop dancing while listening to their songs called Mango.

KAMAUU – Mango

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Publishing popular examples of the R&B genre, KAMAUU released the single named Mango in 2020. It is possible to say that the song is one of the most loved ones among the list of songs about mango, thanks to its positive vibes and fun lyrics. It will definitely be a good choice for fun summer parties.

Phish – The Mango Song

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The Mango Song, one of the popular classics of the 90s, is also on the list. Phish released this song on her album A Picture of Nectar. Song “Spasm waiter dropping to his knees, sees
Slander on wrap paper ties”. This emotional piece by Phish should definitely be at the top of our songs about mango list.

Mali – Mango Showers

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We continue with the song Mango Showers, released in 2019 by Mali, which has released popular songs with its impressive vocals. We can say that this track is the song with the most touching lyrics among songs about mango. Here is the lyrics:

“You seed a cloud and feed the thirst
Mali’s vocals will take you to other universes throughout the song, which starts with the words “To be the one who gets it first”.

Peach Tree Rascals – Mango

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We continue with one of the newest songs of our list of songs about mango. This fun song released by Peach Tree Rascals in 2021 will elevate your mood. The song, which includes both pop and hip-hop touches, begins with the words “I got burdens on my shoulders, if I fold then they gon’ stay”.

Rosemary Clooney – Mangos

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The Mangos song, which starts with the words “In my house of straw I have so much more”, is one of the oldest songs among songs about mango list. Rosemary Clooney, one of the most beloved musicians of all time with her vocal, will impress you throughout the song. Recorded in the studio in the 50s, this old song is one of the venerable works on the list.

Monthy Norman – Underneath the Mango Tree

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Underneath the Mango Tree is one of the popular songs in the soundtrack album of the first movie of the popular movie series “James Bond.” We should definitely remember this immortal song among songs about mango list. The song was successfully covered by names such as Monty Norman in the following years.

M.I.A – Mango Pickle Down River

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With the words “Testing one Go, one, two, three, four Wilcannia Mob, M.I.A, Morganics” in its intro, it can be understood that the Mango Pickle Down River song is the most insane song among songs about mango list. Released in 2007, this song is still being added to playlists by thousands of fans.

Marty Robbins – The Mango Song

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Marty Robbins, who has released beautiful country songs, is remembered in our songs about mango list with The Mango Song. This old song, which should definitely be on the playlists of country lovers, has very emotional lyrics.

Himesh Reshammiya – Mango

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Indian artist Himes Reshammiya sang this song in the movie released in 2011. If you like fun Indian pop songs, Mango is the piece for you. It is exciting to say that there is an example from India among songs about mango lists.

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