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Grapes are used as powerful metaphors in many stories. Grapes, which are the symbol of summer and wine, are also mentioned in many song names and lyrics. Today we have compiled a wide range of songs about grapes for you, from children’s songs to adult songs. There are samples of different musicians in songs about grapes. Here are the most popular songs about grapes:

Harry Styles – Grape Juice

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Grape Juice, the most popular song of our songs about grapes list, is in first place. Harry Styles satisfied his fans with the song Grape Juice. With its emotional lyrics and melody, it should definitely be in the playlists. The background music of romantic evenings is better with the songs of Harry Styles.

Andrew & Polly – Grapes

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One of the amateur songs on Youtube is the song called Grapes by Andrew and Polly duo. It should be mentioned among songs about grapes with its fun lyrics and high energy. Although there are not many songs about grapes examples in music archives at the moment, this fun song by Andrew and Polly duo is a great example.

James Marriott – Grapes

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James Marriott’s popular song “Grapes” is on our list of songs about grapes. Currently, it is one of the highest quality songs in terms of production and recording among the songs released about grapes. In addition, the song will be unforgettable with the unique vocal of James Marriott.

Nino Brown – Grape song

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Famous rapper Nino Brown’s Grape song money is also on our songs about grapes list. There are quite clever and rebellious lyrics in the verses of the song. We recommend adding it to your playlists as an example of the hip-hop genre.

Snail’s House – Grape Soda

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The high-energy Grape Soda song, which is very popular with its electronic infrastructure, is one of the most listened to songs about grapes. Perfect for upgrading your mod.

Oscar Anton – grape juice

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One of the most popular songs on our songs about grapes list is Oscar Anton’s song “grape juice”. The clip of the song, shot on the nostalgic theme on youtube, is quite entertaining. It has achieved more than 100,000 rest successes.

LE SSERAFIM – Sour Grapes

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A very relaxing female vocalist, LE SSERAFIM’s Sour Grapes song is the most listened to song on our songs about grapes list, with 40 million streams, even though it has been 2 years since it was released.

Pinkfong Songs for Children – Grape-Rolling Rolling Grapes

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Pinkfong Songs for Children channel always presents the most successful examples of music videos to be watched together with the family. You can have fun with your children with their song called Rolling Rolling Grapes, and you can dance with the fun clip. It is an example for childrens songs among songs about grapes.

ChuChu TV – Grape Song

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ChuChu TV channel makes entertaining and educational broadcasts for children. They should be mentioned in our songs about grapes list with their fun songs called Grape Song.

APPUSERIES – Grapes Fruit Rhyme for Children

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The contents of the APPUSERIES channel to be consumed by the family are very popular. If your children want to listen to the songs about grapes and dance together, you should listen to the song Grapes Fruit Rhyme for Children.

Death Cab for Cutie – Grapevine Fires

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We can mention on this playlist one more original song here. This song is from Death Cab for Cutie’s album “Narrow Stairs,” released in 2008. “Grapevine Fires” is a reflective and poignant track that addresses the fear and devastation caused by wildfires.

The lyrics describe the experience of watching a fire approaching a town and the urgency to save loved ones and cherished possessions. Despite the dark subject matter, the song also carries a sense of hope and resilience.

Tom Waits – Grapefruit Moon

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Tom Waits should be remembered among songs about grapes. “Grapefruit Moon” is a song by the iconic singer-songwriter Tom Waits, featured on his album “Closing Time,” released in 1973. The song is a soulful and melancholic ballad that reflects on love, longing, and the passage of time.

Waits’ gravelly voice adds depth and emotion to the heartfelt lyrics, creating a nostalgic and atmospheric piece that captures the essence of a bittersweet romance under the light of a “grapefruit moon.”

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