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Apples are used in many different artworks for various metaphors and expressions. Some of the artworks that use apples as a theme are songs that lift our mood as we listen to them. Apple is also a concept used quite often in music. Here are some songs about apple with favorite examples from different years:

Flo Rida – Apple Bottom Jeans

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Released in 2008, this hip-hop song was created by T-Pain. The song has a very high energy and is one of the most listened to songs about apple.

Jay & The Techniques – Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie

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Released in the late 60s, this pop song is considered a classic today. It remained at the top of the charts at the time of its release. It is one of the oldest songs about apple.

Nina Nesbitt – The Apple Tree

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One of the most popular songs from Nina’s 2013 album was The Apple Tree. This unique work of the Scottish singer is one of the most original songs about apple.

Raffi – Apples and Bananas

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Released in 1980, this fun pop song is actually a children’s song. With fun lyrics, Apples and Bananas should definitely be remembered among songs about apple.

Wolfmother – Apple Tree

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Australian rock band Wolfmother released this song on an album of the same name. It is the song with the most rock sound among songs about apple.

The White Stripes – Apple Blossom

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American music duo The White Stripes released their song Apple Blossom in 2000. The song contains folk and blues tones. This song of the duo became one of the most popular songs about apple.

James – The Girl at the End of the World

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Although there is no apple in the title of the song, it is a song we remember in our songs about apple list because of the lyrics “She could be the apple of your eye”. This alternative rock song should definitely be on your playlists.

Modern Baseball – Apple Cider, I Don’t Mind

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In 2012, American rock band Modern Baseball released the song “Apple Cider, I Don’t Mind”. Although the lyrics of the song have very emotional themes, it has a high energy. It is also one of the favorites of our list of songs about apple.

Dolly Parton – Applejack

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Singer-songwriter Dolly Parton is the pride and joy of Southern culture, and songs like “Applejack” are an immense reason why. Written about a banjo-playing apple farmer, the song is allegedly inspired by her great uncle and a friend named Perry Lindsey. This track should definitely be on our songs about apple list.

George Harrison – Apple Scruffs

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The famous British musician released the song Apple Scruffs in 1970. The song is still listened to by Beatles fans. This classic track should definitely be remembered in the songs about apple list.

Animal Collective – Applesauce

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Here is another original example of songs about apple s. “Applesauce” is a mesmerizing track by Animal Collective from their 2012 album “Centipede Hz.” This song encapsulates the band’s experimental nature, intertwining whimsical lyrics with eclectic electronic soundscapes. It immerses listeners in a surreal world, exploring the fascination with sensory experiences through vivid imagery.

The song’s lyrics conjure images of a dreamlike state, evoking the essence of nature and sensory delights. The band’s artistic approach, blending unconventional sounds and lyrical themes, offers an otherworldly auditory experience.

The Andrews Sisters – Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree

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Let’s go back to older times now. Released in 1942 during World War II, “Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree” by The Andrews Sisters remains a timeless classic. This nostalgic tune reflects the sentiments of the era, focusing on themes of love and yearning amid wartime separation.

The lyrics convey a message of fidelity and loyalty, cautioning against straying while apart. It serves as a reminder of the enduring strength of love amidst adversity, encapsulating the longing and devotion felt by many during that period.

Tribes – Bad Apple

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Let’s explore another example of songs about apples. Featured on their 2012 album “Baby,” “Bad Apple” by Tribes explores the metaphorical concept of a toxic relationship. The song delves into the allure of temptation and the destructive nature of certain connections. It paints a vivid picture of the turmoil experienced within relationships marked by toxicity.

The lyrics highlight the conflict of being drawn to something harmful while acknowledging its detrimental effects. Tribes’ introspective exploration of love, desire, and self-destruction makes “Bad Apple” a poignant reflection on the complexities of relationships.

Travis Scott – Apple Pie

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If you seek out hip hop songs about apple s, here is the answer. Featured on his 2015 album “Rodeo,” “Apple Pie” by Travis Scott captures the essence of ambition and success in the rap industry. The song delves into themes of ambition, success, and the opulent lifestyle that accompanies achieving one’s dreams.

Scott’s lyrics paint a picture of his journey and desires, showcasing his hunger for more in life. The metaphor of “apple pie” symbolizes the rewards of success, depicting a lavish and luxurious lifestyle within the context of his aspirations.

Bob Dylan – Apple Suckling Tree

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Bob Dylan who is a legendary artist should be on the our list. “Apple Suckling Tree” by Bob Dylan, an unreleased studio recording included in his compilation album “The Bootleg Series Volumes 1–3 (Rare & Unreleased) 1961–1991,” carries Dylan’s trademark poetic style. The song’s lyrics intricately weave vivid imagery and symbolism, using the apple tree as a metaphor for life’s stories and experiences.

Dylan’s folk-inspired narrative explores the mysterious and enchanting aspects of nature, inviting listeners into a world of introspection and contemplation.

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