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Ponies are cuddly animals that have different meanings in various cultures. In the music world, they are also used in music videos and entertaining lyrics. Here are the most popular songs about ponies with different examples from various genres:

Ginuwine – Pony

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One of the most popular hits of the American R&B artist is the song Pony. This song was released in 1996 and even today it is still listened to and the music video has been watched by millions of people. The veteran artist, now in her 50s, has a unique energy. The song Pony should be counted among the most original songs about ponies. Some of the songs on our list are also covers of this song. The lyrics deal with themes such as seduction and sexuality and the music video is very creative.

DaBaby – Pony

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Pony is one of the most popular hip-hop songs by DaBaby, an American rapper who is known all over the world for his songs Suge and Rockstar. DaBaby released this high-energy song with unique lyrics in 2019. Originally by Ginuwine, DaBaby remixed the song and this version became very well loved. It is one of the most upbeat songs about ponies.

The Beatles – Dig a Pony

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One of the most popular rock bands of all time, The Beatles have always released original and creative pieces. The band produced many hit songs of the 60s and 70s and one of their most popular songs is Dig a Pony from the Let It Be album. The song is a typical The Beatles song with an intense love theme. It is among the most classical songs with pony in the title. Even the video of John Lennon and other band members performing this song live in London have been watched hundreds of thousands of times on Youtube.

SOPHIE – Ponyboy

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Scottish musician SOPHIE is a representative of a unique style. Released in 2018, her electronic song Ponyboy is very popular. This up-tempo song by SOPHIE is one of the most listened to songs about ponies. You should add Ponyboy, one of the most hit songs of SOPHIE, who uses the expression ponyboy instead of bad boy, to your playlist.

William Singe – Pony

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Australian singer William Singe has become popular for his covers of popular songs uploaded to the YouTube platform. In 2016, he covered Ginuwine’s well-known song Pony in his signature style. Singe’s version of Pony was very well liked and reached thousands of listeners. William Singe’s cover of Pony should be remembered among songs about ponies.

Pam Tillis – Let That Pony Run

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Pam Tillis is a famous country singer. She achieved popularity in the 90s with hits such as Shake the Sugar Tree. Her song Let That Pony Run is one of the examples of the country genre in the style of Tillis and is very well-loved. Let That Pony Run is a beloved song from the country genre among songs about ponies.

Kasey Chambers – Pony

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Australian country musician Kasey Chambers composes very simple and original lyrics in her songs. Her song Pony was released in 2004 and was very well liked by country fans. The theme of love is intensely felt in the lyrics and mood of the song. Pony is one of the most romantic songs about pony.

Aries – PONY

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American musician Aries, who successfully combines indie-pop and hip-hop genres in his songs, released the song PONY in 2018. PONY, one of the favorite examples of the indie-pop genre, has a love theme like other love songs about ponies.

Erin McCarley – Pony (It’s OK)

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American singer Erin McCarley continues her professional music career successfully. Many of the songs she released in the 2010s became hits. Her song Pony (IT’S OK), which she released in these years, is a favorite song that she sings in her concerts even today. Erin McCarley’s Pony should absolutely be among the songs about ponies.

Paul Simon – One-Trick Pony

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One of the most popular music duos of all time is Simon & Garfunkel. This duo has countless songs that have been listened to millions of times. Paul Simon also managed a solo career and released the rock song One-Trick Pony in 1980. It would be impossible not to mention this legendary artist’s song One-Trick Pony among songs about ponies.

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