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Cherry, the most popular fruit of summer, is featured in many songs. The number of songs about cherry is quite large. Generally, cherry fruit is seen more frequently in pop songs. However, many artists in different genres and times have released songs about cherry. We have prepared a comprehensive list of songs about cherry for you, from today’s popular examples to classic old pop songs.

Hozier – “Cherry Wine”

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The first song on our list of songs about cherry is Chery Wine by Hozier. This song was in the electro pop genre. When the song was released in 2014, the artist perhaps did not foresee that it would become so popular. While listening to this unique song, you can feel the emotional vibe thanks to both the piano and guitar.

The Runaways – “Cherry Bomb”

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We continue with the second song of our list of songs about cherry. The popular punk rock song called Cherry Bomb by the band The Runaways was released in 1976. This song well represents both the high energy of the punk genre and the aggregation of the band.

Amy Winehouse and Nas – “Cherry Wine”

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Amy Winehouse, one of the most popular artists on our list of songs about cherry, has a song with a cherry theme. The popular song called Chery Vine contains touches of both pop, rock and hip-hop genres. Even though Amy Winehouse is unfortunately no longer alive, her songs such as Cherry Wine are still listened to by millions of people on digital music platforms.

Jennifer Lopez – “Cherry Pie”

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Jennifer Lopez, one of the most famous artists in the history of pop music, has achieved great commercial success with all her albums. Jennifer Lopez’s 2005 song Chery Pie should definitely be on our list of songs about cherry. Although it has been a long time since the song was released, it can still rank high on digital music platforms even today.

Lana Del Rey – “Cherry”

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Lana Del Rey, the famous creator of melancholic songs, is also included in our list of songs about cherry. Lana Del Rey’s song Cherry was released in 2017. We wouldn’t be wrong if we said that his song Cherry is the most melancholic on our list.

Air – “Cherry Blossom Girl”

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We wouldn’t want to include the song Cherry Blossom Girl by the French musician group Air in our list. If you want to hear a little French touch in the list of songs about cherry, this song is for you!

Kuwada – “Cherry Cola”

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Another song on our list comes from Kuwada. Kuwada used very entertaining lyrics in this alternative genre song he released in 2017. Kuwada’s song Cherry Cola is at the top of our list of songs about cherry. If you want to increase the energy of your playlist a little bit, Cherry Cola is the right address.

John Mellencamp – “Cherry Bomb”

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This song is one of the most classic songs on our list. John Mellencamp performed this song in the 70s and 80s, both in his live performances and on his records, where he achieved great commercial success. John Mellencamp’s vocal talent will impress you very much. We definitely have to remember this song in the list of songs about cherry.

Harry Styles – “Cherry”

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One of the newest songs on our list is Harry Styles’ song called Cherry, released in 2019. Cherry actually belongs to a unique genre, a mixture of rock and pop genres. Popular musician Harry Style should definitely be remembered on our list with his song Cherry. When we think of songs about cherry, we can’t help but remember Cherry.

Blippi – Kids Songs – Cherry Song

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The song Cherry Song by Blippi-Kid Songs channel, which publishes fun and educational songs for children, should definitely be on our songs about cherry list. Thanks to this song, your children will meet the cherry fruit and have fun dancing while getting acquainted. You won’t be able to stop dancing while listening to this song with all your family members. It should also be noted that Cherry Song is perhaps one of the highest energy songs on our list of songs about cherry.

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