Songs About Onions

Have you ever thought there were songs about onions? Interesting fact, however, there are countless songs about onions. There are a wide range of examples, from different examples of hip hop to The Beatles songs. Here are the best songs onions that we have listed for you:

Fable – Onion Brain

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Onion Brain is the closing song of Fable’s Shame album released in the summer of 2022. The piano walk on Fable’s impressive vocal is very harmonious throughout the song. Since Fable is one of the popular names in today’s music world, the Onion Brain song should be at the top of our songs about onions list.

The Beatles – Glass Onion

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One of the songs of The Beatles that we love to listen to with its remastered version on various compilation albums is Glass Onion. This song, which has a punk-style vocal by John Lennon, is quite short compared to other The Beatles songs. This song by the most famous band of all time should definitely be mentioned among songs about onions.

Lukrembo – Onion

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The song Onion, released in 2019, is one of Lukrembo’s favorite tracks. We listen to the drum beat throughout the song. There are no words in the song. However, it was decided to name the song Onion by Lukrembo.

Her – Onion

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The closing song of Her’s Her Tape #1 album released in 2016 is Onion. The song has a relaxing atmosphere. Vocals are quite impressive. We wouldn’t be wrong if we say that this track is one of the quality songs about onions.


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ONE OK ROCK, one of Japan’s most popular rock bands, released ONION! The song should be on our list. If you’ve ever wondered how to make rock music in Japan, ONION! should be in your playlists.

Isaac Dunbar – onion boy

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Popular musician Isaac Dunbar released onion boy in 2019. The rhythm and energy of the song is quite high. In the chorus, this energy rises and turns into a wonderful dance song. Among songs about onions, it is one of the most listened to.

Rowena Fysx – Onion

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One of the most popular tracks of the young musician Rowena Fysx’s album 3rr0r, released in 2021, is Onion. The song consists of the talented vocal of the young female musician and a simple beat.

Sean Price,TEK – Onion Head

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Onion Head is one of the most popular tracks on the Monkey Barz album released by hip hop artist Sean Price in 2005. In this song, Price sang a duet with TEK. It is an example of the rap genre of our list. It may be accepted as the most aggressive song among songs about onions.

The Blues Brother – Green Onions

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One of the most popular albums of 1980 was Made in America, released by The Blues Brother. One of the songs in the foreground of this album is Green Onions with its fun lyrics and high energy. Green Onions is one of the popular examples of the blues genre in our list of songs about onions.

Shannon & The Clams – Onion

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In 2018, Shannon & The Clams released their album Onion. This song has a very entertaining vocal style and high energy musical background. The chorus part of the song is quite entertaining even when listened to for the first time. The electric guitar is used expertly in the song. We wouldn’t be wrong, if we say that this track is the one of the most entertaining songs about onions.

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