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If you are looking for some songs about innocence, get ready to check out the wonderful suggestions we have for you here! Being innocent and losing innocence are themes that a lot of works of art have and this is the case in music as well. Innocence is a pure and blissful state that a lot of people yearn for. But regardless of its definition, life can make us eventually lose that innocence and we may become cynical, bitter and resentful over time. With the song suggestions we have on this list, you may reminisce or celebrate this pure and beautiful state of being.

Taylor Swift – Innocent

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Let’s begin our list of songs that are about innocence with a nice from a very popular singer. The song has a wonderful melody that starts out slow, gets more lively for a brief period and ends just like it begins. It is a song about getting back on track after making a mistake and not letting a blunder define oneself. Also, in the lyrics, the singer also touches on the sentiment that life used to be easier when we were younger.

Avril Lavigne – Innocence

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This track by Avril Lavigne is another one of the songs about innocence that can be worth checking out. In “Innocence”, the singer talks about a period in her life when she felt so innocent and blissful, to the point of wanting to shed tears of joy. The song begins slowly with a nice piano melody and with the guitar and drums entering the picture, it gets more energetic and lively. In the lyrics of the song, the importance of enjoying the simple pleasures in life are also discussed.

The Osmonds – Sweet and Innocent

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Following the two wonderful pop songs that are about the theme of innocence, let’s go a little bit back in time and check out a nice song from the 70s. “Sweet and Innocent” by The Osmonds is a cute and upbeat song with a fun vibe. The lyrics of the song were written from the point of view of a protagonist who thinks their partner is so sweet and innocent, as well as too young and beautiful for them.

Kenny Chesney – Young

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For country music lovers, a nice option among songs about innocence and youth to listen can be “Young” by Kenny Chesney. The song has an upbeat and energetic country music, with a touch of rock. When it comes to the lyrics of the song, they are basically about remembering being brash and a little crazy when one is young, watching time go by so quickly and missing those good old times.

Billy Joel – An Innocent Man

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Old wounds from previous relationships may affect how people approach their new relationships. But it can be a burden on themselves, as well as a burden on their new partner. In this song, this topic is discussed, from the point of view of a protagonist who is trying to convey to his partner that he hasn’t done anything to hurt them, but it was someone else.

Elefante – Young and Innocent

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Another one of the wonderful songs about innocence that can be worth a listen is “Young and Innocent” by Elefante. This song has a slow, elegant and epic melody and very meaningful lyrics that have a bittersweet side to them. The song is about wanting to go back to the good times in a relationship and “be young and innocent” again.

Fuel – Innocent

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“Innocent” by Fuel is a song with a simple yet powerful rock melody, and in terms of its lyrics it has some religious undertones. The lyrics of the song are about being unprepared for the impurity of society when young, along with becoming unhappy and life becoming more complicated as one gets older.

Don Henley – The End of the Innocence

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There are lots of songs about loss of innocence and as its name suggests, “The End of the Innocence” by Don Henley is one of them. Despite its theme, it is a song with a fairly upbeat melody. The lyrics of the song are about losing innocence as one gets older.

Madonna – Goodbye to Innocence

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“Goodbye to Innocence” by Madonna is another one of the songs that are about innocence, and in this song this theme seems to be discussed in a more personal way. The song is about Madonna being tired of other people’s expectations of her and feeling like she is losing things like privacy and innocence.

Enigma – Return to Innocence

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“Return to Innocence” by Enigma is another one of the songs about innocence that can be worth listening to. The song has a simple and dreamy melody and it is about having the courage to trust fate, return to being authentic and innocent.

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