Songs About Blue Eyes

Over the years, musicians of all genres have found blue eyes to be a source of creative inspiration. From country singers to rock bands, here are some of the most iconic songs about blue eyes.

Willie Nelson – Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain

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Willie Nelson had only seen limited success as a singer-songwriter before the release of this cover of a classic 1940 song from Patsy Cline’s Crazy and Faron Young Hello Walls; however, after its release and accompanying album Red Headed Stranger it rejuvenated his career and led to even greater commercial success for Willie. This unforgettable song is one of the most high-energy among songs about blue eyes .

Musicians and historians hailed its minimalist arrangement as an exemplary piece of country music, drawing rave reviews from musicians as well as historians alike. Additionally, its success helped restore Willie Nelson to legendary status within country music.

The Who – Behind Blue Eyes

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This work by The Who is one of the first ones that come to mind among songs about blue eyes. “Behind Blue Eyes,” one of The Who’s best-known recordings, from its arpeggiated acoustic guitar and introspective lyrics to its dovetailing vocals and uproarious end is one of its signature songs, first released in 1971 on their fifth album Who’s Next.

This song, written by Pete Townshend himself, expresses his feelings of despair that no one understands his experience of life. The lyrics depict an all too human scenario with temptations from women and pressure from daily living causing frustrations to mount up; making this timeless music masterpiece relevant today.

Kim Carnes – Bette Davis Eyes

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Kim Carnes earned a few Top 40 hits during the 1970s and early ’80s, but her big break came with this hit from 1981: Hollywood Actress (Can I Trust Her?). This catchy tune describes an alluring Hollywood actress whose beauty can’t be trusted.

Originally written in 1974 by Jackie DeShannon and Donna Weiss, and recorded by Jackie herself for her album New Arrangement as 1920s jazz style music. According to DeShannon herself, the idea for the song came after watching Bette Davis in the movie “Now Voyager”. This successful song has one of the most emotional lyrics among songs about blue eyes .

Eagles – Lyin’ Eyes

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The 1975 song was inspired by witnessing a woman and young man clearly involved in an intimate relationship at a restaurant/bar, yet neither were happy with each other’s lifestyle (he was wealthy while she wasn’t). According to Frey’s lyrics: “She can’t even hide those lyin’ eyes.” It is considered as one of the songs about blue eyes .

“Lyin’ Eyes,” one of many songs featuring Old West and gambling references from The Eagles, stands out for its poignant storytelling. While its theme may seem sad – that of marrying for money or comfort, its cautionary tale speaks volumes about what some might consider in place of true love.

Elton John – Blue Eyes

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Elton John is one of the greatest singers ever, and his timeless song about a girl with beautiful blue eyes remains popular after over 50 years.

Though many believe blue eyes to be uncommon, they’re actually quite widespread. A person’s eye color is determined by melanin pigment found in their skin and hair – low melanin levels allow light reflection off the iris, creating blue hues; when levels rise too far they turn black.

Dustin Lynch’s “Red Dirt, Blue Eyes” may provide just the romantic escape you need to restore or revive relationships. Or if your heart has been hurt after an unsuccessful love relationship has passed you by, Stevie Nicks’ “Pale Blue Eyes” could offer relief. It can be listed as one of the songs about blue eyes .

The Velvet Underground – Pale Blue Eyes

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This is a striking example for the songs about blue eyes . Pale Blue Eyes by The Velvet Underground is one of their best-known and beloved songs, featuring folk, pop, country music with poetic, emotive lyrics that touch upon themes such as loss, betrayal and acceptance. It

Cary Brothers – Blue Eyes

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Cary Brothers first gained national exposure through his song “Blue Eyes”, featured on the soundtrack for Garden State film. Since then, he has released two full-length albums and appeared on multiple TV shows and indie films; as well as collaborated with electro dance music artist Tiesto. Among songs about blue eyes , it would be impossible not to mention this song.

Loretta Lynn – Blue Eyed Kentucky Girl

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Lynn sang with an intimate sincerity that touched all who heard her, inspiring many artists across genres to pay her a tribute – Dolly Parton, Crystal Gayle, Tim McGraw, KD Lang LeAnn Rimes and Carole King were just a few names who mentioned Lynn’s influence.

Lynn had no trouble sharing her feelings. This song about grief and lasting pain rather than faith or death makes an excellent tearjerker, while country music helps soften its lyrics making this an easier listen. If you prefer something lighter check out Billie Eilish’s version.

This track is one of the most popular songs about blue eyes .

Mika – Blue Eyes

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This song from Bruce Springsteen’s 2014 album American Beauty stands out with its contemporary sound and lyrics about heartbreak – yet still boasting an unforgettable beat and memorable lyrics that make this track worth listening to. Especially recommended for lovers of romance who appreciate how it can change one’s self-concept! Among songs about blue eyes , it would be impossible not to mention this song by Mika.

Al Martino – Spanish Eyes

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Al Martino (born Jasper Cini; October 7, 1927 – October 13, 2009) was an American traditional pop and jazz singer. He had his greatest success as a singer between the early 1950s and mid-1970s, being described as “one of the great Italian American pop crooners”.

He also became known as an actor, particularly for his role as singer Johnny Fontane in The Godfather. This song is one of the most original songs about blue eyes.

Haiki – Blue Eyes

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“Blue Eyes” is a song by the artist Haiki, released as a single in 2021. The track celebrates the mesmerizing and captivating nature of blue eyes. Through its lyrics, the song expresses the enchantment and allure the singer feels when encountering someone with blue eyes.

With a dreamy melody and emotive vocals, “Blue Eyes” by Haiki portrays the fascination and admiration for the captivating gaze and the impact it has on the singer’s emotions. With its lyrics, it can be announced among songs abıut blue eyes.

George Strait – Baby Blue

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When we seek out the best examples of songs abıut blue eyes, this track should be announced now. “Baby Blue” is a song by country music icon George Strait, featured on his album “Beyond the Blue Neon,” released in 1989. The song tells the story of a lost love, reminiscing about a woman with beautiful blue eyes. George Strait’s emotive vocals and the song’s traditional country sound capture the emotions of longing and nostalgia.

“Baby Blue” reflects on the memories of a past relationship and the enduring impact of someone deeply cherished, embodied by the vivid description of the woman’s captivating blue eyes.

Crosby, Stills & Nash – Suite: Judy Blue Eyes

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This classical song contributes to your playlist in a very positive way. “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” is a classic song by Crosby, Stills & Nash, featured on their self-titled debut album released in 1969. The song is a suite composed of multiple sections, written by Stephen Stills for his former partner, singer Judy Collins. The song’s intricate structure combines various musical segments, showcasing the band’s harmonies and folk-rock style.

The lyrics touch on themes of love, introspection, and the complexities of relationships. “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” remains an iconic track, celebrated for its musical craftsmanship and emotional depth.

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