Saddest Radiohead Songs

We will discover some saddest Radiohead songs. No one knows melancholy like Radiohead; their songs can transport listeners back in time with every tear-stained verse or plaintive melodies like “Creep.” Sad lyrics are commonly used in Radiohead songs. We recommend that you add these songs to your playlists when you are sad. Here are most beloved saddest Radiohead songs from various albums that released different years of Radiohead’s music career:

Fake Plastic Trees

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Fake Plastic Trees should definitely be on our list with its melancholic atmosphere. Released in 1995, it became one of the iconic tracks of The Bends album.

Poetic expressions are skillfully used in the lyrics of the song. It has managed to become one of the most popular and saddest Radiohead songs . The intense melancholy that is generally felt in Radiohead songs is also felt in this song.

True Love Waits

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Released in 1997, True Love Waits is one of the most popular tracks from the album “OK Computer”. It is impossible not to be affected by Thom Yorke’s vocals while listening to the song.

When the lyrics of the song are listened to more carefully, it is about the feelings of time passing quickly. It has become one of the most popular Radiohead songs.

Street Spirit

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We continue our list with a track from their 1995 album The Bends. Street Spirit is quite different from other Radiohead songs with its unique atmosphere.

The other known name of the song is Fade Out. This is a very suitable alternative name for the theme of the song. You will want to wander the streets alone while listening to Street Spirit. It should be among the most successful and saddest Radiohead songs.

We Suck Young Blood

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This track is an evocative piano ballad featuring one of Thom Yorke’s standout vocal performances, exploring themes such as exploitation and greed as well as feelings of helplessness and despair.

This song tells the tale of a woman living with an “empty polystyrene man”. It is an emotionally stirring, engaging, and thought-provoking piece that explores depression as well as being stuck in an ordinary life. It is one of the special songs that Radiohead listeners love the most. Radiohead will make you sad with this track.

Give Up The Ghost

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From their 2016 album A Moon Shaped Pool comes this piano ballad written by Thom Yorke that bears an air of depression and loss.

This song’s narrator is beset with memories of her ex, leaving her feeling empty and disappointed and yearning to disappear into the night. With minimalist piano and vocal performances that add further emotion to its poignancy, Radiohead created one of their saddest songs with this piece.

Exit Music

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With the album OK Computer, Radiohead made a good debut in the music industry. Exit Music, one of the popular songs of this album, is also very popular. Although it was released in 1997, it is still listened to with its original atmosphere and melancholic vibe.

It was also used in the soundtrack album of the movie Romeo and Juliet. In this way, they became known not only in the UK but all over the world. This unforgettable track is one of the most original and saddest Radiohead songs .

Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Radiohead have earned themselves a reputation as being downbeat by omission, yet their song “Motion Picture Soundtrack” from 2001’s Amnesiac stands out as being among their most depressing pieces.

This tune depicts one-sided attraction which may lead to violence, with Thom Yorke’s haunting voice reaching into even the deepest corners of your heart and soul as you listen. A funeral would likely accompany this track perfectly.

This track is a must-have track on our list of saddest Radiohead songs.


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We continue with a new Radiohead song compared to the other songs on our list. Videotape was released in 2007. Many social concepts are criticized in the song. However, sadness continues throughout the song.

Videotape has become one of the favorite songs for many Radiohead fans. This unforgettable track is one of the most original and saddest Radiohead songs .

High And Dry

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This delicate acoustic track, featuring mockery of masculine vanity, describes being trapped in an oppressive existence while longing to escape it. However, Thom Yorke originally rejected this song from The Bends due to it being too melodious for their band’s style.


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The most popular song on our list is in last place. Creep is from the album Pablo Honey, released in 1993. We would not be wrong if we say that Creep is the most popular Radiohead song.

Released 15 years ago, the music video has reached 900 million streams. Thanks to this song, Radiohead has been played on all the radios and music charts of the world.  Creep, usually performed live, is one of the most requested songs by fans. Creep has become a cult song that millions of Radiohead fans know the lyrics by heart.

Although it has been many years since the song was released, it still manages to be at the top of the music charts even today. It is among the most popular saddest Radiohead songs . It is a song that best reflects the Radiohead style.

Let Down

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“Let Down” is a track from Radiohead’s iconic album “OK Computer,” released in 1997. This song is known for its atmospheric and emotive quality. The lyrics touch upon themes of disillusionment and alienation in a world that feels increasingly disconnected.

The song gradually builds in intensity, showcasing Radiohead’s ability to create intricate sonic landscapes, blending ethereal melodies with thought-provoking lyrics. “Let Down” is often praised for its haunting beauty and emotional depth.

Dollars & Cents

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“Dollars & Cents” is a compelling track from Radiohead’s album “Amnesiac,” released in 2001. The song incorporates experimental and jazz-inspired elements into Radiohead’s distinctive sound. Lyrically, it explores themes of capitalism, consumerism, and societal disconnection.

With its intricate instrumentation and haunting ambiance, “Dollars & Cents” captures a sense of unease and contemplation about the modern world’s materialistic values.

Pyramid Song

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“Pyramid Song” is a standout track from Radiohead’s album “Amnesiac.” Released in 2001, the song is characterized by its mesmerizing piano melody and hauntingly atmospheric soundscapes. Lyrically enigmatic, it delves into dream-like imagery and existential themes.

The song’s haunting beauty, combined with Thom Yorke’s haunting vocals, creates an otherworldly experience, inviting listeners into a contemplative journey that explores the complexities of existence and the passage of time. It can be considered one of the saddest Radiohead songs.

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