Ariana Grande Love Songs

Our collection of Ariana Grande love songs transcends conventional boundaries, encompassing a spectrum of feeling from the exhilaration of newfound love to the agony of heartbreak. With tracks that range from soulful ballads to infectious pop tunes, Ariana weaves a tapestry of passion, vulnerability, and authenticity.

Her ability to evoke profound emotions through her music makes her catalog of love songs a poignant and timeless testament to the complexities of love and relationships. Here are different examples of Ariana Grande love songs:

Thank U, Next

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The first song on our list of Ariana Grande love songs is ” Thank U, Next” This track  is a powerful anthem by Ariana Grande that resonated deeply with audiences worldwide upon its release. Serving as both a song of gratitude and empowerment, it encapsulates Ariana’s personal growth and resilience through life’s ups and downs.

Into You

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Next example of Ariana Grande love songs is Into You. This track is a dance-pop masterpiece by Ariana Grande, recognized for its infectious beats and seductive undertones. This song effortlessly blends Ariana’s captivating vocals with an irresistible energy, creating an anthem of passion and desire.

Its magnetic chorus and pulsating rhythm draw listeners into a whirlwind of emotions, conveying the exhilarating feeling of falling headfirst into a thrilling romance. The song’s upbeat tempo and Ariana’s vocal prowess make it an undeniable fan favorite, showcasing her versatility as a pop sensation.

Love Me Harder (with The Weeknd)

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We continue to list Ariana Grande love songs with Love Me Harder. Collaborating with The Weeknd, Ariana Grande delivers a sultry and atmospheric track in Love Me Harder.

This song stands out for its mesmerizing melody and the captivating chemistry between Ariana and The Weeknd’s vocals. Blending elements of pop and R&B, the song explores the complexities of love and intimacy, urging a partner to show deeper affection.

One Last Time

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The next song One Last Time should be counted among Ariana Grande love songs. One Last Time by Ariana Grande is a heartfelt ballad that resonates with its poignant lyrics and powerful melodies.

The song beautifully captures the longing for closure and the desire to relive a fleeting moment of love.

Pete Davidson

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It is one of the most original Ariana Grande love songs. Pete Davidson is a sweet and intimate tribute by Ariana Grande to her then-fiancé. It’s a short yet heartfelt song named after the Saturday Night Live comedian.

With its tender lyrics and gentle melody, Ariana expresses her affection and admiration for her partner, giving fans a glimpse into their relationship.

My Everything

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As the title track of her second studio album, My Everything is a poignant ballad that showcases Ariana Grande’s emotional depth and vulnerability. The song serves as a declaration of love and gratitude to a special person who brings light and meaning into her life.

Best Mistake (featuring Big Sean)

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The next track on our list of Ariana Grande love songs is Best Mistake . Best Mistake, featuring Big Sean, is a hauntingly beautiful duet that explores the complexities of a troubled relationship. Ariana Grande and Big Sean’s collaboration delivers a poignant narrative through their evocative vocals and introspective lyrics.

The song reflects on the conflicting emotions of love and regret, highlighting the paradox of a relationship that feels simultaneously right and wrong. The haunting melody and raw emotions expressed make it a standout track in Ariana’s repertoire.

Honeymoon Avenue

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The next track is a captivating track that opens Ariana Grande’s debut album, showcasing her vocal range and emotional depth. The song navigates the metaphorical journey of a relationship, addressing the challenges and uncertainties that arise.

With its poignant lyrics and melodic composition, Honeymoon Avenue captures the essence of youthful love, heartache, and the desire to find stability in a tumultuous relationship.

Adore (with Cashmere Cat)

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In our exploration of Ariana Grande love songs, we continue with a duet. Adore, a collaboration between Ariana Grande and Cashmere Cat, is a mesmerizing blend of pop and electronic music. Adore exudes sensuality and infatuation, as Ariana’s enchanting vocals intertwine with the hypnotic beats.

Adore explores the intoxicating feeling of being drawn to someone irresistibly, expressing the magnetic pull of a budding romance. Its dreamy atmosphere and Ariana’s soulful delivery make it a standout track that showcases her versatility as an artist.


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The last example of Ariana Grande love songs is Moonlight. This song is a whimsical and enchanting ballad by Ariana Grande that evokes feelings of pure infatuation and romantic nostalgia. The song’s dreamy melodies and heartfelt lyrics paint a picture of a serene and magical love story.

Ariana’s ethereal vocals beautifully complement the enchanting atmosphere, creating a sense of intimacy and longing. Moonlight captures the essence of a blissful romance, reminiscent of a serene night illuminated by the soft glow of the moon.

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