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In recent years, edit videos published on platforms such as Instagram and Youtube are very popular. Sad meme videos with sad edits, as well as meme videos made for comedy purposes, have also become viral in recent years.

Those who watch these meme videos are very curious about the songs used in these meme videos. We have compiled for you the most popular saddest meme songs in recent years. Here are the most well-known examples of sad meme songs:

Gary Jules – Mad World

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Tears for Fears’ song Mad World was covered by Gary Jules. This cover version is frequently used in sad-themed content published on social media platforms. The edits, which are usually made with collages from movie scenes, ensure that the emotion is reflected intensely.

Mad World is one of the first things that come to mind when it comes to saddest meme songs.

Nine Inch Nails – Hurt

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The song Hurt, which actually belongs to Johnny Cash, is known to new generations for its Nine Inch Nails cover. Meme videos made from popular scenes of movies and TV series are generally used in sad and romantic moments.

Although it belongs to the country genre, this cover version is in a new and modern genre. It is one of the most popular saddest meme songs.

Smash Mouth – All Star

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When you listen to the original version of this song, you may not think it is sad. However, when used with effects in many meme videos, it provides an emotional atmosphere. While it can be used in funny meme videos, it is also very suitable for emotional scenes. It is one of the most popular meme music of recent years.

Simon & Garfunkel – Hello Darkness, My Old Friend (from The Sound of Silence)

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The lyric “Hello Darkness My Old Friend” is used in many memes. This lyric by Simon & Garfunkel is referenced in The Sound of Silence. It is often used ironically in sad content. It has achieved over 20 million streams on YouTube. It is the background music of many viral videos. It is among the most successful saddest meme songs.

Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You

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One of the saddest meme songs that is frequently used in social media content to make exaggerated moments seem funnier and sadder is I Will Always Love You. Although the original version of this song is love-themed and emotional, it is used ironically in the content.

Harry Chapin – Cats in the Cradle

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The song Cats in the Cradle has a touching story. The feelings of a father who did not spend time with his son are presented in a sad atmosphere. It is often used in meme videos with themes such as missed opportunities or family problems. Among the most touching saddest meme songs, this cult song by Harry Chapin should not be forgotten.

Billie Eilish – Ocean Eyes

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Many songs of Billie Eilish, one of the most popular musicians of recent years, are frequently used in meme videos published on social media. However, the song Ocean Eyes has been remixed by thousands of people and used in thousands of contents.

It is by far one of the most popular saddest meme songs. It is known that it is often used in loneliness-themed meme videos. The emotion given can also be changed by versions of the song where the speed is changed.

Jemaine Clement (from Rick and Morty) – Goodbye Moonmen

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Rick and Morty, one of the most popular examples of absurd comedy in recent times, has been the source of inspiration for many meme videos.

We continue with an example of saddest meme songs from the popular animated series Rick and Morty. Goodbye Moonmen is now remembered not only in the original context in which it was used, but also from the funny meme videos published on social media. It is generally used in absurd content.

R.E.M. – Everybody Hurts

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One of the most used songs by pages that share emotional clips from movies and TV series on Instagram is R.E.M. ‘s hit song ” Everybody Hurts. Saddest meme videos with Everybody Hurts music are watched by millions not only on Instagram but also on platforms such as Tik Tok. Everybody Hurts is one of the classic saddest meme songs.

Young people generally know this cult rock song from the edits on social media platforms. However, due to the virality of these videos, the streaming success of the song on digital music platforms has also increased.

Vanessa Carlton – A Thousand Miles

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You will recognize this song immediately when you listen to the piano melody. Because A Thousand Miles is the sad melody of dozens of different viral videos. It is generally used in ironic meme videos, not directly in sadness-themed content. The phrase “making my downtown” in the lyrics of the song has also become an internet reference.

Christina Aguilera – Say Something

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You can hear this song on the sad memes. “Say Something” by Christina Aguilera is a haunting ballad featured on her album “Lotus,” released in 2012. The song’s emotional lyrics and stripped-down arrangement convey a sense of vulnerability and heartache as the narrator pleads for honesty and communication in a failing relationship.

Aguilera’s powerhouse vocals and raw delivery capture the anguish and longing of unrequited love, while the poignant piano accompaniment adds to the song’s melancholic atmosphere. “Say Something” serves as a poignant reminder of the pain of letting go and the importance of speaking one’s truth, even when it’s difficult.

Coldplay – Fix You

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Here is another popular one among the saddest meme songs. “Fix You” by Coldplay is an uplifting anthem featured on their album “X&Y,” released in 2005. The song’s soaring melody and emotive lyrics offer solace and comfort to those going through difficult times. “Fix You” is a message of hope and support, with Chris Martin’s emotive vocals conveying empathy and understanding. The song builds to a powerful crescendo, with sweeping strings and dynamic instrumentation adding to its emotional impact.

“Fix You” serves as a reminder that, even in our darkest moments, there is light and healing to be found.

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