Dive into the Saddest 80s Songs Ever Recorded

The 80s is a period remembered for its colorful wearing style and high-energy pop songs. However, today we will discover some iconic sad songs released in the 80s.

We have compiled the most popular saddest 80s songs for you, from pop genre to popular metal songs. While listening to these songs, you will both feel sad and intensely miss the 80s. Here are the saddest 80s songs with their best examples:

The Police – “Every Breath You Take”

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The first song on our saddest 80s songs list comes from The Police. The song Every Breath You Take, released in 1983, is a great example of the new wave rock genre. The sad melodies of the song are presented very well with the guitar riffs.

When you look at the lyrics of the song, you will notice that it has a dramatic theme about obsessions in relationships.

Phil Collins – “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)”

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Phil Collins, who released popular examples of the soft rock genre, released his popular hit Against All Odds in 1984. The song is one of the songs that best presents the feeling of separation pain with both its lyrics and emotional melody.

Phil Collins demonstrated his superior songwriting talent in the song Against All Odds. It would not be possible to skip a legendary musician like Phil Collins among the saddest 80s songs.

Whitney Houston – “I Will Always Love You”

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Whitney Houston, one of the most popular singers on our list, released her hit I Will Always Love You in 1985. We wouldn’t be wrong if we say that the song is among the 100 most popular songs of the Pop genre.

Although almost everyone knows the lyrics of the song by heart, when we listen more carefully, we will notice that the farewell theme is intense.

Sinead O’Connor – “Nothing Compares 2 U”

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Nothing Compare 2 U, which was released in the late 80s, is still listened to by thousands of music lovers today. It is one of the rarest known examples of the pop genre among the saddest 80s songs. In the lyrics of the song, Sinead O’Connor reflects the feeling of loneliness felt during the separation period very well.

Heart – “Alone”

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The song Alone, released in 1987, is among the most famous saddest 80s songs. Rock and Power Ballad genre touches that we see in the band’s other songs are felt intensely in Alone. Rather than the themes of love and separation, the lyrics of the song present that loneliness is a challenge that we need to be stronger for.

Bonnie Tyler – “Total Eclipse of the Heart”

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Among the unforgettable sad 80s songs, Bonnie Tyler’s unique song Total Eclipse of the Heart should also be mentioned. This unique rock song, released in 1983, is one of the songs with the saddest lyrics of all time. In addition to its musical background, the reasons why the song is sad include its wonderful lyrics.

Pink Floyd – “Wish You Were Here”

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We continue with perhaps the most popular part of our list. The famous rock band Pink Floyd presented intense creativity in their song Wish you Were Here, as in their other songs. This song, with its theme of love and separation, has become popular not only in England but all over the world.

The lyrics of the song were once known by heart by hundreds of thousands of people. In fact, although the song was released in 1975, it is known that its real impact was felt in the 80s.

Mike + The Mechanics – “The Living Years”

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The Living Years, one of the beloved classics of the pop rock genre, was released in 1988. When the lyrics of the song are listened to more carefully, it is realized that it has a very touching story focusing on the problems of father and son. It should definitely be added to playlists among the saddest 80s songs.

Lionel Richie – “Hello”

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We had to skip this unique song with the theme of longing and reunion in our list. Although less popular than other 80’s songs, this popular song by Lionel Richie has a great melody.

Even today, it is listened to by tens of thousands of people on digital music platforms. It has become an unforgettable 80s classic with Lionel Richie’s unique vocals.

Cyndi Lauper – “Time After Time”

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The last song on our list comes from Cyndi Lauper. Having a successful music career with her sultry voice, Lauper’s song Time After Time is one of the most popular representatives of the pop and new wave genres.

It would be impossible not to remember this impressive female musician among the saddest 80s songs. It is one of the tracks that will add the spirit of the 80s to your playlists.

Chicago – If You Leave Me Now

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If you seek out the best examples of saddest 80’s songs here is the great song. “If You Leave Me Now” by Chicago is a classic soft rock ballad featured on their album “Chicago X,” released in 1976. The song’s gentle melody and soulful vocals convey a sense of longing and heartbreak as the narrator pleads for their partner to stay. With its lush orchestration and heartfelt lyrics, “If You Leave Me Now” captures the pain of love lost and the fear of being alone.

Chicago’s smooth harmonies and emotive delivery add to the song’s emotional depth, making it a timeless ballad that continues to resonate with listeners. “If You Leave Me Now” is a poignant reminder of the fragility of relationships and the importance of cherishing the ones we love.

The Cure – Pictures of You

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“Pictures of You” by The Cure is an atmospheric alternative rock track featured on their album “Disintegration,” released in 1989. The song’s ethereal guitar melodies and haunting vocals create a dreamlike atmosphere that transports listeners to a place of nostalgia and longing.

“Pictures of You” explores themes of memory, loss, and the passage of time, as the narrator reflects on the pain of a past relationship. With its evocative lyrics and shimmering instrumentation, the song captures the bittersweet beauty of reminiscence and the enduring impact of love.

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