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The number 50 appears in the titles of songs from many different genres. We have compiled the most popular songs with 50 in the title examples for you. These songs, released in different years, use the number 50 in different contexts.

For example, while some use the number 50 in the context of age, others use it as a measurement of range. The most popular songs with the number 50 , with their unique examples from the rap genre to the rock genre:

Paul Simon – 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover

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The first song on our list comes from Paul Simon. 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover, released in 1975, has rather ironic lyrics. The humor in the song’s name can also be felt in its lyrics. In this song, which is one of the most popular songs from the album Still Crazy After All These Years, Paul Simon brought an original perspective to the theme of breakouts.

He talked about a relationship he wanted to end in a sincere and funny way. It is one of the oldest songs with 50 in the title .

Train – 50 Ways to Say Goodbye

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The second song of our songs with 50 in the title list comes from today’s modern music. 50 Ways to Say Goodbye, released in 2012, also takes a mischievous look at the theme of separation, just like the previous song. This unique song from their album California 37 can be considered in the pop rock genre.

The Strokes – 50/50

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The Strokes’ album Comedown Machine, released in 2013, made quite a splash. It is included in our 50/50 list of the most iconic tracks of this album. The Stroke, which releases popular songs of the indie rock genre, created a theme on the concept of duality in this song. You will like the drums and guitars of the song.

Hilltop Hoods – 50 in 5

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We continue the songs with 50 in the title list with one of the best examples of the Australian hip-hop genre. 50 in 5 were released in 2006. It is a track focusing on difficulties among the songs with different energies in the hip-hop album called The Hard Road.

The Tragically Hip – Fifty Mission Cap

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We continue our list with one of the popular songs of the 90s. Fifty Mission Cap is an original track produced for the hockey player named Bill Barilko. It is a track in the rock genre. Hockey fans love this song by the American band.

The lyrics of “Fifty Mission Cap” evoke a sense of nostalgia and a connection to Canadian identity, which is a hallmark of The Tragically Hip’s music. The song has become an enduring anthem in Canadian popular culture and is often played at hockey games and other Canadian events. “Fifty Mission Cap” is one of the many songs that contributed to their status as one of Canada’s most beloved rock bands.

Cocteau Twins – Fifty Fifty Clown

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One of the most popular songs from the album Heaven or Las Vegas, released in 1990, is Fifty Fifty Clown. Cocteau Twins focused on abstract themes in this song. This song, which belongs to a special genre that can be called Dream Pop, is one of the ones that comes to mind in our songs with 50 in the title exploration .

White Lies – Fifty on Our Foreheads

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The song Fifty on Our Foreheads, released in 2009, is a punk genre example of the songs with 50 in the title list. You will not be able to stop your anger at the concepts of time and fate while listening to the song Fifty on Our Foreheads.

Although it is not as popular as the other songs on our list, this high-energy song by White Lies is also recommended for your playlists that suits for any vibes.

PJ Harvey – 50 Foot Queenie

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50 Foot Queenie is one of the most energetic songs among the songs with 50 in the title list. Even though it was published in 1993, it is still listened to. 50 Foot Queenie, which is part of the album Rid of Me, is an alternative rock song. It carries the theme of strong women.

Kid Rock – Fifty

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Another modern era example in the songs with 50 in the title list comes from Kid Rock. This song, which has been streamed more than 500 thousand times on digital music platforms, is a great example of a country. The vocals of the song are quite impressive.

The Fall – Fifty Year Old Man

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The Fall’s song Fifty Year Old Man is at the last place on our list. Fifty Year Old Man, a track from the post-punk genre, is a track that will raise your energy with its original and creative lyrics and guitars with a high dose of distortion. The first original recording of the song was completed in 1978.


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The song Still 50 Cent, an EDM remix, may also be remembered in our songs with 50 in the title list. K3NZH, who has released arrangements similar to this song, has achieved more than 30 million streams on the YouTube platform.

You can listen to this song, which can be listed in the CAR MUSIC category, on evenings when you are traveling by car and have a high dose of entertainment. We recommend you to discover other songs of this type by K3NZH.

The Proclaimers – I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)

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The song 500 Miles, one of the most famous songs in the history of American folk music, was made popular by a new generation of music lovers with the movie Inside Llewyn Davis. In this movie directed by the Coen brothers, Oscar Isaac and Justin Timberlake interpreted this song by The Proclaimers by playing the guitar in the folk genre.

Even though the name of the song does not directly contain the word 50, it would not be wrong to remember it in the songs with 50 in the title list since there is 50 in the name 500 Miles. We would like to remind you that if you have not listened to this song before, you will love it.

Fifty Things – The Dead Milkmen

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This song is a special track from the punk rock band’s album “Soul Rotation,” released in 1992. Known for their quirky and often satirical approach to music, The Dead Milkmen deliver a fast-paced and energetic tune with “Fifty Things.” The song features a blend of punk rock elements with witty and offbeat lyrics that humorously highlight the overwhelming, often mundane, and sometimes bizarre aspects of everyday life.

Through a barrage of rapid-fire observations and absurd scenarios, the song dives into a plethora of subjects, ranging from societal norms to personal experiences. The Dead Milkmen’s characteristic irreverence and knack for social commentary shine through in “Fifty Things,” offering a sharp and humorous take on the complexities and peculiarities of modern existence.

The Fall – Fifty Year Old Man

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Another example of songs with 50 in the title came from The Fall. This track is an alternative rock track that encompasses the essence of introspection and emotional depth. The song, delivered with poignant vocals and layered instrumentals, captures a sense of melancholy and introspection.

The lyrics of “The Fall” delve into themes of introspection, grappling with personal struggles, and the complexities of navigating life’s challenges. Through haunting melodies and evocative storytelling.

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