Songs That Start With Q

Spanning across various genres, these compositions captivate with their unconventional titles, from quirky anthems to quiet ballads. Each ‘Q’ song, though sparse in occurrence, holds its own, often intriguing listeners with their rare presence and offering a distinct flavor that makes them an intriguing part of music’s diverse repertoire. If you desire to discover songs that start with q, you can check out this list we compiled for you carefully! Let’s start to listen to the great songs that start with q now!

Juice Newton – Queen of Hearts

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Let’s bak 80’s with this great track by Juice Newton. Featured on Juice Newton’s album titled Juice, released in 1981, Queen of Hearts is an iconic country-pop track. This song captures the essence of a mysterious and elusive figure in matters of love. It narrates the speaker’s fascination with someone hard to win over, portraying the struggles encountered in attempting to gain their affection.

Backstreet Boys – Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)

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The second example of the list of songs that start with q is Quit Playing Games. From the self-titled album Backstreet Boys, released in 1996, Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) became a prominent anthem delving into the complexities of love.

The song illustrates the emotional turmoil within a troubled relationship, highlighting the yearning for sincerity and truthfulness in matters of the heart. This heartfelt track resonated deeply with audiences, propelling the Backstreet Boys further into the spotlight and cementing itself as one of their defining songs.

System of a Down – Question

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Here is some rock’n roll vibe among songs that start with q. Part of System of a Down’s album Mezmerize, released in 2005, Question stands out as a philosophical exploration of existential themes. The song delves into the profound uncertainty surrounding life’s purpose, questioning the pursuit of answers to intricate existential inquiries.

With its distinctive blend of heavy metal and introspective lyricism, Question showcases the band’s ability to merge thought-provoking themes with their signature musical style, captivating audiences with its depth and intensity.

John Legend ft. Brandy – Quickly

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Let’s listen to the next song Quickly, but you can also listen slowly.  After this dad joke, we can continue our enjoyment of songs that start with q.

Quickly, featured on John Legend’s album Evolver, released in 2008, is a soulful R&B duet that reflects on the fleeting nature of love. This heartfelt track, a collaboration with Brandy, portrays the urgency of cherishing moments and making the most of love before it slips away.

Britney Spears – Quicksand

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Popular artist Britney Spears is also on the list of songs that start with q thanks to her song Quicksand. Included in the deluxe edition of Britney Spears’ album Circus, released in 2008, Quicksand presents a dreamy pop ballad exploring the complexities of a tumultuous relationship.

The song portrays the sensation of being trapped and sinking deeper into emotional turmoil, encapsulating the struggles within a troubled romance.

Raelynn – Queens Don’t

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The song challenges stereotypes and societal expectations placed on women, asserting that true queens are defined by their inner fortitude and individuality. With its empowering message and Raelynn’s distinctive country-pop style, Queens Don’t resonated with audiences as a bold assertion of self-worth and independence.

Smashing Pumpkins – Quasar

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Featured on the album Oceania, released in 2012, Quasar marks the energetic opening track of the Smashing Pumpkins’ comeback album. This song encapsulates the band’s signature alternative rock sound, combining roaring guitars and dynamic rhythms.

Quasar sets the tone for the album with its powerful and driving melody, reintroducing the band with an electrifying and high-octane musical experience.

Chris Brown – Questions

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Popular musician Chris Brown’s classic song Questions should be on our playlist of songs that start with q. From Chris Brown’s album Heartbreak on a Full Moon, released in 2017, Questions infuses elements of dancehall and tropical vibes into a catchy R&B track. The song explores themes of love, attraction, and infatuation, blending infectious beats with Brown’s smooth vocals.

With its rhythmic appeal and lively production, Questions became a chart-topping hit, captivating audiences with its infectious energy and catchy hooks.

MILCK – Quiet

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MILCK’s haunting vocals and raw emotion convey a stirring call for empowerment, encouraging individuals to speak out and break the silence in the face of adversity.

This song has been listened to more than 1 million times, maybe you will hear it for the first time.

Northlane – Quantum Flux

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Here is the last song of our list of songs that start with q. Featured on Northlane’s album Singularity, released in 2013, Quantum Flux represents a dynamic blend of metalcore and progressive elements. The song showcases intricate instrumentation, powerful vocals, and thought-provoking lyrics.

Quantum Flux explores themes of self-discovery and existential contemplation, creating an immersive sonic experience that resonates with fans of the band’s intense and unique musical style.

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