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Planet is not a commonly used word in the lyrics of ordinary songs. But, some artists have tried to discover new ways in the music. There are many iconic songs about planets from Elton John to Pink Floyd. Here are the most popular songs about planets :

Elton John – Rocket Man

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Legendary artist Elton John released all the original songs throughout his career. One of these original tracks is The Planets. It is a striking pop classic because of its lyrics and melody. Rocket Man must be on our list of songs about planets .

Gustav Holst – The Planets

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This work is literally different from other examples for songs about planets . Because famous composer Gustav Holst released this work as a classic music work. However, he called this music as The Planets. It can be said that he is an artist far beyond the standards of his time.

David Bowie – Space Oddity

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Iconic pop singer David Bowie is remembered as a legendary artist of all time. His hit song Space Oddity must be mentioned among songs about planets . Because this song’s lyrics and atmosphere isn’t like other pop songs of the time. This original artwork has been appreciated by many music authorities.

David Bowie has managed to become one of the most original figures in music history with his experimental music works and creative input. The song Space Oddity is a very good example of this.

R.E.M. – Man on the Moon

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One of the most popular rock bands of all time is R.E.M. They compose a song for famous comedian Andy Kaufman. Their song’s title Man on the Moon refers to this comedian’s comedy acts. While you consider it as a rock song apart from this background, it still will be working. So, we should take a place for this track among songs about planets .

Pink Floyd – Astronomy Domine

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Space, sky and planets are often used in Pink Floyd songs. Their music videos and creative choices made them to being on top of the lists of all time. One of these works is Astronomy Domine. This song should be added up our list of songs about planets .

The Police – Walking on the Moon

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Older generations were huge fans of this band: The Police. However, the band is still listened to by millions now. Their albums achieved commercial success. Their popular song Walking on the Moon is remembered when we consider the songs about planets.

Duran Duran – Planet Earth

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Planet Earth is also mentioned in songs with planets in the title .  Duran Duran released this song with a creative perspective that differs from other artists. It can be recommended to watch the music video of Planet Earth.

My Chemical Romance – Planetary (GO!)

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My Chemical Romance’s fourth studio album Danger Days includes an amazing song. Planetary, which has another name is GO!, must be on our list of songs about planets . With its funny music video and vibe, it can make you better motivated towards your smaller problems in comparing the universe.

Jamiroquai – Travelling Without Moving

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Jamiroquai has released various song in 90’s. One of these tracks is Traveling Without Morning. This title and its lyrics refer to planets. It can also be said that it is literally a road trip song. While we discover the songs about planets , it is impossible to skip this track.

Bonobo – Jets

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Famous British singer Bonobo has many successful songs. One of his works is Jets which is streamed on digital music platforms millions of times. This song can be included among songs about planets. It can be said that Bonobo is the original stage name, not only his stage name but also lyrics of the songs are really different from ordinary songs today.

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