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The planet Mercury has been a source of inspiration for many musicians. That’s why there are endless examples of songs about mercury from singers who have released songs in many different genres. We have compiled some of the most popular songs about mercury for your playlists.

Here are some examples of the most popular songs about mercury in different genres, from pop to metal:

Ghostemane – Mercury:Retrograde

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This metal song, released in 2017, is at the top of the songs about mercury list. “Mercury: Retrograde” is one of the popular songs from the original album called Hexada.

When the lyrics of the song are listened to carefully, you will notice that it starts with “Ask me if I give a fuck about a clique, ayy”. We definitely recommend it for metal music lovers.

Steve Lacy – Mercury

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One of the newest songs on the songs about mercury list is Steve Lacy’s Mercury song. Publishing popular examples of the R&B genre, Steve Lacy released his piece Mercury in 2022. Lacy, who achieved more than 3 million streams with this song, also starred in the entertaining music video of the song.

The Olympians – Mercury’s Odyssey

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We should definitely remember The Olympians’ song Mercury’s Odyssey in the songs about mercury list. Drums and piano are at the forefront in the song, which was released in 2016. There are no lyrics. However, we are sure that it will lift your mood.

Dave, Kamal – Mercury

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This hip-hop song released in 2021 was produced by popular rappers Kamal and Dave. The lyrics of the song start with the verse “I feel, I feel you breaking under” with Kamal’s vocals. Although it has only been 2 years since its release, the song has achieved success with over 2 million streams. It is a popular example of the hip-hop genre on the list.

Charlotte de Witte – Mercury

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Charlotte de Witte is a very popular musician with her impressive electronic pieces. The song Mercury, included in his album Apollo EP, is one of the most popular songs on our list of songs about mercury. We wouldn’t be wrong if we say that this song, released in 2023, is also the song with the highest energy on the list.

Electric Universe – Mercury

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This electronic genre example song Mercury, released in 2023, is the longest-running song on the songs about mercury list, with a length of 8 minutes. We would like to remind you that it will be a very suitable choice for dance-filled parties.

Even though this track hasn’t reached high streaming numbers yet, that doesn’t mean the song is bad.

Sleeping At Last – Mercury

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Mercury’s song, released in 2014, is one of the most popular songs from Sleeping At Last. Mercury, included in the album Atlas: Year One, is also one of the original examples of the list of songs about mercury. He is impressive with his emotional lyrics and impressive vocals.

Fytch – Mercury

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There are many electronic/dance tracks in the songs about mercury list, probably due to the references to the word “Mercury”. One of these is the song Mercury, which Fytch released 3 years ago. It is one of the mercury song that will up your mood and make you dance now!


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MERCURY, released in 2020, contains touches of both hip-hop and electronic music. IVOXYGEN, which continues to publish this type of music on YouTube, has nearly 100,000 subscribers. MERCURY can be an accepted one  on our list of songs about mercury.

Connor Musarra – MERCURY

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Connor Musarra’s song Mercury, which is popular with its short version on social media, is also on our list. We wouldn’t be wrong if we said that it is the most entertaining meme track among songs about mercury.

Although there is currently a 1-minute recording of the song on YouTube, it is also possible to access the full 2-minute version of the song on Spotify. This song is a piece with comedy elements, unlike other songs on the songs about mercury list, its production is not as qualified as the others.

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